“Rostelecom” will buy pension Fund

Rostelecom negotiates the purchase of the NPF Alliance, “said a source close to the Central Bank, and confirmed two sources close to the parties involved. The company plans to acquire 51% stake in the pension Fund, according to a source close to one of the parties to the transaction. According to a source close to the regulator, the Bank of Russia has already approved this purchase.

Rostelecom took the pension Fund to keep it voluntary pension savings of their employees, said a source close to one of the parties to the transaction. Previously, corporate pension the company held by the NPF “Telecom-Soyuz, one of the founders of which she was. However, in 2013 the Fund bought O1 Group Boris mints. The press service of “Rostelecom” then said that the company “is very concerned about the situation”: “we Will see how the new team will develop a fond. And in September 2015 “Rostelecom” has announced an open tender for the provision of services to non-governmental pension provision, which was won by NPF “Alliance”. The cost of its pension program, the company was estimated at 2.4 billion rubles.

“Now the company needs tools of influence on the Foundation to get control over the implementation of pension programs,” said a source close to one of the parties to the transaction.

Now NPF “Alliance” belongs to financial group “April group”, founded by a former top Manager of UK “Gazprombank asset Management” Anatoly Milyukov. As the newspaper “Kommersant”, in early 2015, insurance group “Alliance” sold it “April group” for RUR 30 million, or 5% of the Fund’s assets at the date of the transaction. According to information published on the official website of NPF “Alliance”, the ultimate beneficiaries of the Foundation are the owners of “April group” Olga Lovyagin and Natalia Rajput. Milyukov himself in conversation with said that has nothing to Fund “the Alliance”.

According to the Central Bank, on April 1, 2016, the assets of NPF “Alliance” has amounted to 1,42 billion rubles, of which 1.13 billion RUB was accounted for by pension reserves (voluntary savings). Clients of the Fund are more than 12 thousand people. The Fund is not yet included in the guarantee system of pension savings.

The General Director NPF “Alliance” Arkady Nedbai did not comment on the deal. The press service of “Rostelecom” refused to comment, citing the fact that comments only completed transactions.