Sarkozy became the first to lift sanctions

The EU should lift sanctions against Russia, but Moscow must first take this step. This ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy during a speech at the session on Thursday launched the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF). His performance in the live show TV channel “Russia 24”.

“I am among those who believe that it is necessary to remove the sanctions, we have enough problems as it is. We can’t afford to suffer, and the strong need to reach out first, ” said Sarkozy. — The most powerful — Russia, and that President Putin”, — he added (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The ex-President of France, however, opposed the abolition of visas between Russia and the EU. He stressed that this is not due to “distrust the Russians”. According to him, it’s just not the time to promise an end to the visa regime.

“I believe that Europe needs to work hand in hand with Russia. I would not want a new cold war. The cold war is not in our interests, not the interests of Europeans”, — said Sarkozy (quoted by TASS). He also explained his visit to Russia that “the relationship between Europe and Russia are not what they should be.” “Never, these relations were not so cold”, — stated the politician.

In his speech, Sarkozy also proposed to bring Russia to create a shared missile defense system in Europe. “I wish Europe had a missile shield, it would be good for NATO to have such a shield, but you need to attach and Russian”, — said the former head of state. He expressed the opinion that without Russia the Western countries will not be able to solve the Syrian issue. From the point of view of Sarkozy, Moscow must do everything possible to ensure that no two coalitions, and there was one”.

Last week the French Senate adopted a resolution calling for the government to begin a gradual easing of sanctions against Russia. The lower chamber of Parliament supported the document at the end of April. In the Kremlin the decision was greeted, Recalling that the Russian government said from the beginning that I consider completely futile sanctions dialogue.”

is an online broadcast of the forum in 2016.