The artist Pavlensky appealed the verdict in the case of the burned door of the FSB

Lawyers Olga and Dmitry Dinze representing interests of the artist Peter Pavlenkova, appealed against the verdict in the case about the campaign “Threat”, which in the night of 9 November 2015 Pavlensky doused with gasoline and set fire to the front door entrance # 1 to the FSB building on Myasnitskaya street. As stated in the petition for appeal (), protection asked to cancel the verdict of the Meshchansky court on June 8, in which the artist was fined 500 thousand rubles; it was also ordered to pay damages in the amount of almost RUB 481,5 thousand Complaints were filed on June 16, the Moscow city court.

The court, according to the lawyer Dmitry Dinze, have not considered the position of protection that Pavlensky is a political artist who performs his art and weaves cloth on the open spaces of political art of Russia”.

“The work of actionist Pavlensky was recognized and appreciated by the FSB, proves the significance of his art in the political space, and once again proves that the artist is not a criminal element, a criminal, and indeed a recognized political actionist, including in the framework of “Threat”, — stated in the complaint.

Pavlensky share should not be treated as a crime, emphasizes the Dense, citing the opinion of an expert in the field of history. This examination, says the lawyer, “justifies and proves the statement of the artist Pavlensky that it is impossible to live in a space where terror is a cult and failing normally refers to the institutions of state power and law enforcement system, who profess this cult in the historical space, and then another plant, and punished for the desecration of the burial grounds, according to the artist”.

The defense believes that Pavlensky their share “paid tribute to the tortured, repressed and killed by the state and public figures, military leaders, representatives of science and culture in the Building of the NKVD-KGB of the USSR”.

For acts Pavlensky under article “destruction or damage of cultural heritage sites” (part 1 of article 243 of the criminal code), the prosecution had to prove that the artist knew about the cultural values they set on fire doors, Dinze says. But such evidence in the proceedings was not represented.

Protection of the artist draws attention to a number of procedural irregularities in the examination of the scene, as well as during examinations. So, to the study door make a specialist who does not have a higher education, which is a violation of the law. Another expert from “Central scientific restoration design workshops” Julia Semina in court said that he had prepared an opinion as requested boss.”

The lawyers note that the court reacted critically to the testimony of some witnesses who are unable to answer the questions of how the artist set fire to the door and what he was wearing at this moment.

Earlier protection Pavlensky was noticed that the FSB are replaced a door in your building without the permission of the Moscow authorities and thus themselves damaged the cultural heritage. Have new doors installed in 2008, this status was not. Actions of intelligence agencies lawyers sent to the General Prosecutor Yury Chaika.