The attitude of Russians to Ukraine has improved dramatically after the release Savchenko

After the liberation of Hope Savchenko Russians have improved the attitude to Ukraine, “Vedomosti”, citing data from the Levada centre and the Kyiv international Institute of sociology (KIIS). According to polls 27-30 may, to the Ukraine are good 39% of respondents, another 47% are poor. And may 22-25, that is, to pardon Savchenko and her departure to Kiev, a good attitude to Ukraine, said only 26% of the respondents about the poor — 63%.

According to the Deputy Director of the Levada center, Alexei Grazhdankin, surveys, conducted prior to the release of Savchenko, recorded almost the worst attitude to Ukraine for three years. “Apparently, the people did not understand what had happened, was disoriented, and people gave less hostile answers”, — he commented the results of the second study.

As made Grazhdankin, Savchenko’s release can be a reason to change the relation to Ukraine. “The basic emotion of Russians to all countries is positive. In case of conflicts the attitude is changing, but as soon as the acute phase of confrontation passes, everything is restored. The conflict with Ukraine lasts for more than two years, but it can be expected that the ratio will improve, — worsen him any longer”, — he said.

Ukrainian servicewoman Nadezhda Savchenko, imprisoned in Russia punishment in the case of the death of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass, at the end of may was pardoned by President Vladimir Putin. She went to Kiev, at the same time arrived in Moscow the President of Russia Vladimir Yerofeyev Alexander Alexandrov, which in Ukraine was called “the GRU soldiers.”

June 11, Savchenko urged Ukraine and Russia to be “good neighbors”. “We will never brotherly people as before. So many relatives, a lot of the mess of blood and everything else, but let’s be good neighbors than bad brothers. I believe that this is possible,” she said.

According to the Levada center at the beginning of June, 48% of Russians believe that Ukraine is hostile to Russia. This is the highest rate in the entire history of observations, even in 2015, about the hostile attitude of Ukraine said 37% of respondents. The main enemy of Russians believe the United States about what Washington refers to Moscow to be hostile, said 72% of respondents. Third place after the USA and Ukraine is Turkey (29%).