The audit chamber found violations in the work of Ministry, for 455 million rubles

The audit chamber found violations in the work of Ministry, for 455 million rubles

Moscow. June 15. Financial violations revealed during check of execution of the budget for 2015 in the work of the Ministry of Far East development, reported on the website of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation.

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“Misuse of budget allocations in 2015 were not identified. However, the total volume of financial violations revealed during check, is 455 million rubles”, – stated in the message.

According to the test, in particular, a subsidy of 316 million rubles for technological connection to power grids under the state program “Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region” was provided by the JSC “Corporation of development of the Far East” in the absence of documents for the existence of the right of ownership or lease rights to land plots, where it will be grid connection.

In addition, when the redistribution of 50 million roubles for increase of the property contribution of the state Corporation “Rosatom”, the Ministry has not prepared calculations and justify budget allocations. Events for information on 77 million rubles was financed by the Ministry in the absence of the approved plan. Without regulations and administrative acts of the government was signed the contract on 12 million roubles on designing of system of an estimation of efficiency of realization of state programs in the far East.

It is clarified that the volume of revenues administered by the Ministry, in 2015 amounted to 2.6 million rubles, of which 2.1 million rubles – repayment of accounts receivable of previous years. Cash execution costs – 4.4 billion, or 98.8 per cent of the annual target. While cash expenditures during the fiscal year was carried out very unevenly in the fourth quarter of 2015 amounted to 89.1% of the volume for the year.

“By results of check the decision to direct representation to Ministry of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East. The appeal was sent to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, and the conclusion on the results of external validation – in the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the message.