The court extended the arrest of journalist

Hamovnichesky court of capital on Thursday night extended the measure to the special journalist Alexander Sokolov, and his followers Valery Parfenov and Cyril Barabash correspondent reports from the courtroom.

All are accused of that was part of the banned organization. Themselves defendants in the case insist that he had not done anything illegal.

Night solution

The court hearing is scheduled for the morning, began in the evening on Wednesday. His decision the judge Marina Syrova could be published only after midnight.

The reason for the delay was the long service of the accused from the detention center. More than seven hours, their relatives, friends and lawyers were waiting in the corridors of the court.

In an iron cage for the defendants three defendants in the case brought by a reinforced unit of the convoy.

Before starting the process the guards rigidly suppress all the attempts of relatives to have conversations with the defendants and their dialogue between each other.

In the beginning of the meeting Barabash and his lawyer said the withdrawal of the judge of Marina raw. They insisted that the judge was biased — before that it had considered the petition for prolongation of arrest of the defendants and the protocols of the meetings was made in violation of the. Barabash said that he has filed a complaint against judge Syrova to the qualification Board of judges of Moscow, and now she can feel dislike for him.

Syrova was removed to the consultative room for almost an hour, and came back and dismissed the challenge. After that, Barabash said the withdrawal of the Prosecutor. But that request, the court also rejected.

The apartment is in pledge

To consideration of a question on prolongation of arrest court began actually the night. The investigator Natalia chalaeva and the Prosecutor was silent. They were asked to leave three defendants in custody and referred to the standard bases: you can hide, to exert pressure on witnesses and to impede the investigation.

The lawyer Dmitry Dinze, in turn, has informed that preliminary investigation on business is finished and now the accused and their defenders get acquainted with the materials. He admitted the positive response Sokolova at work from his supervisor.

Dinze insisted that there is no need to renew the measure and asked to take the journalist under house arrest or release on bail.

As collateral relatives Sokolova was offered a flat in Moscow worth RUB 5.2 million and 500 thousand.

But the judge rejected the request of counsel and extended till July 25 the arrest of Sokolov and the other defendants.

Prohibited organization

According to the materials of the case, falcons and other defendants in the case were part of the organization “Army of the will of the people” (AVN), which in 2010 banned the Moscow city court. The prosecution insisted that disagreeing with the decision of the court, all the defendants continued activities of a proscribed organisation, changing its name to the Initiative group for a referendum “for the responsible authority” (IGC CALL).

Like the previous organization, the initiative group were in favor of holding a referendum and adoption of a law that would allow citizens to evaluate the work of the authorities — the President, deputies, senators, after the expiration of their powers.

Sokolov himself in court has repeatedly stated that the referendum cannot be considered as illegal actions.

Their criminal persecution of the journalist connects with the performance of professional duties: shortly before his arrest, he spent several resonant antikorrupcionnyjj investigations, including the investigation of the construction of the cosmodrome “East”.