The head of the European Commission called “the only path to lifting sanctions against Russia

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker took part in the opening of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. During the session devoted to “the search for stability in a multipolar world”, he explained that he came to the forum for dialogue with Moscow. According to him, the lifting of economic sanctions can only happen with the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine.

“There are those who support my decision to come back, there are critics, Juncker said. — I personally am glad that I am present today.” According to the head of the European Commission, members of the European Union for a long time discussing relations with Russia. “But it is important to talk with Russia, its leaders and people. Although for some this idea seems radical,” he stressed.

In his speech, Juncker said that Russia had violated “fundamental principles of international law”, referring to the annexation of Crimea, which the Western countries considered the annexation, and the situation in the South-East of Ukraine. According to him, all countries should respect the choice of Kiev.

“Russia — the country of the Minsk agreement, under which it subscribed. You need to ensure their full implementation, no more, no less. This is the only way for the lifting of economic sanctions. In this sense, the position of the EU United,” — said the head of the European Commission.

The leader of the EC expressed the view that it is still possible to restore the level of trust between Russia and the EU, but this requires dialogue. “My presence today speaks to the fact that I want to build bridges,” said the President of the European Commission. He noted that many years knows Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We often talk openly with each other “, — said Juncker.

The head of the European Commission urged Russia and the EU to take upon themselves the obligation to maintain the universal norms, rules and values.” “This requires honest discussion about the level of our relations. we must begin with the Minsk agreements”, — he stressed.

Juncker said that Ukraine is on the path of democratic development, would be a boon for the Russian economy and citizens. “A stable Ukraine that lives in peace with its neighbors, has enabled us to determine the future of the region”, — stated the President of the European Commission.