VEB’s CEO presented employees with new values of the Corporation

VEB Chairman Sergey Gorkov on Friday gathered his employees in the Et Cetera theatre to present new values of the Corporation, calling the project “WEB 2:0”. He listed six values that will form the basis of the strategy of VEB is “development, leadership, partnership, team, honesty, patriotism.”

In particular, it was said in the presentation of the Bank, prepared for teambuilding, development is the key to success, so employees need to be ready for change, “do not cling to the stereotypes in” and don’t avoid new challenges because it “develops personality”. “Patriotism is a commitment to the development of the Bank and the country”, so employees should be proud of belonging to the VEB, to honor and respect his story, help to socially vulnerable layers of the population, not work only for material rewards. VEB’s employees should not “to shift the work onto the shoulders of comrades,” must say no to indifference and selfishness.

These values, as assured Gorkov, will be presented June 23 at the Supervisory Board chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Values – the Foundation of the world, is the Foundation on which to build your actions, thoughts, positions, attitudes, said Gorkov from the scene. “It’s something we carry through life. This is what we pass to the children. It is the value you pass on to your children, not money, not apartments, not cars.” “We are standing on the threshold of a new era. Era “WEB 2:0′, joined co-host of the event, head of Department of innovations and high technologies VEB Jeanne Panin.

Each employee VEB needs to try on these values, to understand them, and if you are willing to accept, said Gorkov. Each value event organizers — a group of employees of the Corporation, illustrated presentations, games, theatrical scenes and verses.

The press service of VEB says that the programme for the introduction of new values for all three and a half months that the Gorkov directs the web, almost nothing is spent.

Former Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Sergey Gorkov led the Bank in February 2016, succeeding to the post of Chairman Vladimir Dmitriev, who led the Corporation for more than 12 years. Sberbank Gorkov for a long time was responsible for working with the staff, including his motivation.Previously, Gorkov said that it is possible to reduce up to 20% of the staff. “Staffing the Corporation employs 2,200 people in the units that perform support functions, you can fire up to 400 people,” — quoted by Gor, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

At the end of the event, leading asked everyone to vote for the adoption of new values of the Corporation. 99% of the audience agreed that they will now live by the standards of “WEB 2:0”.

Today, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to anonymous sources reported that experiencing an acute shortage of funds EBV practically stopped issuing new loans and stopped funding most projects. In a press-service of the Corporation deny this. “About any reduction, freeze or collapse VEB investment activities now it is not and we are sure you will go in the future. New applications in the Bank are considered, while serious attention is focused on the optimization of the system risk assessment”, — said the press service, noting that in may 2016 has been allocated to borrowers of 9.68 billion.