Agency has paid investors more than a trillion rubles

The head of the Agency for Deposit insurance, Yuri Isayev said that at the moment of the Deposit insurance Fund paid out more than 1 trillion rubles. He said that this figure refers to the first time. Payments received 2.5 million people. Since the beginning of the year, the Agency has paid compensation to depositors of closed banks by 250 billion rubles.

According to Isayev, the Deposit insurance Fund is subsidized and depends on Bank of Russia loans. “So talking about the introduction of insurance funds of legal entities in the banks now would be wrong,” he said. Thus, according to ASV, the situation with the refund by the companies of failed banks “tragic”: companies manage to recover only 17% of the funds. For comparison, private investors generally get back about 70% of the funds. “So we start talking about the growth of insurance for small businesses and legal entities”, — Isayev said.

He also believes that the banking system is experiencing not a crisis of the moment, and the consequences of the crisis of 1998: many years banks retouched statements. “The regulator does the job that was supposed to do for the last 15-16 years,” he said. According to Isayev, the Agency for Deposit insurance was designed to conduct 2-3 rehabilitation procedures and about procedures 20 the elimination at the same time. “Today 32 of the draft rehabilitation and 260 banks are in the process of liquidation.

These figures show the scale of the problems,” said Isayev, suggesting that soon the number of active banks equal to the number of liquidated banks.

Earlier it became known that the damage from criminal actions of top managers and owners of the liquidated and reorganized banks exceeded 550 billion rubles this is evidenced by the calculations made by the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) to the meeting of the expert-analytical Council under the DIA.

In the materials cited by the newspaper “Vedomosti” said that since 2005, under the control of the DIA received about 500 banks, and by the end of March resulted in the elimination of about half of them. The value of the assets in the banks at the time of liquidation the average is only 10% of their book value. From documents follows, that in more than 80% of cases, bankruptcy is associated with criminal activities and assets that are held with the knowledge or in the interests of the owners of the banks.

In this connection the Agency sent to law enforcement agencies 417 applications, and 159 of them — since the beginning of 2014. As a result of investigative authorities have opened a 284 criminal cases involving the infliction of damage to banks by their executives and owners. The result was handed down 49 convictions, 10 cases are pending before a court, according to documents DIA. 210 cases are under investigation, the newspaper said. In addition, the DIA stated requirements to owners of banks for a total amount of 164 billion rubles, the courts satisfied the claims for 97 billion rubles, said the publication.