Ban Ki-moon refused to deny criticized the Kiev speech on Russia

UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon will not be his words, made during the St Petersburg international economic form (SPIEF), Russia’s role in resolving international issues, including the conflict in Ukraine. About the Agency The Associated Press said the spokesman of the Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

Ban Ki-moon during PFMA said that “Russia, as a permanent member of the UN security Council, plays an important role in his work and in the settlement of world issues from the end of the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, to ensure that human rights and controlling the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

This statement was commented by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko, said “Radio Freedom” in Ukraine. According to Yelchenko, it cannot understand how the head of the UN “can say things that are essentially praise Russia’s role in lessening conflict in Ukraine, while Russia is a major player in the aggression against Ukraine, in supporting this conflict in the hot condition.”

Yelchenko also said that Ukraine will send a formal letter of protest to the UN General Assembly with a request for clarification made by the Secretary General of the words and correct them, said “Radio Liberty”.

Twitter mission of Ukraine to the UN also published a record which stated that “statements of the Secretary-General in St. Petersburg about Russia’s role in [resolving the conflict in Ukraine is unacceptable. We will demand an explanation.”

The official representative of ban Ki-moon, Stephane Dujarric in response to the statement, Egypt urged to read the entire speech, adding that “the UN is not going to abandon what was said”

“I’m not going to analyze and respond to critical comments that may have been received,” — said Dujarric.

According to The Asssociated Press earlier at the UN was published the speech of ban Ki-moon, which contained expressed during SPIEF phrase. Now the Secretary General’s speech on the website is also available, however it is not voiced thoughts on the role of Russia in resolving the Ukrainian conflict.

At the UN also said that ban Ki-moon spoke in St. Petersburg with the speech which was published.