EU Ambassador advised Lithuania “more solid” to deal with Russia

Lithuania needed the psychological approach to de-escalation in relations with Russia, said in an interview with Lietuvos zinios, the EU Ambassador in Russia Vygaudas Usackas.

“If to speak about the current relations between Lithuania and Russia, it is clear that our country is very sensitive to what is happening in Ukraine, worried that it may affect our country. Many people wonder: “Who might be next?” On the other hand, the fact that at every opportunity from the podium Russia is called an aggressor, does not improve the security of Lithuania. Foreign markets and investors, we therefore, send panic message and the number is well related to Lithuania, Russians will be reduced”, — he said.

Usackas noted the need for “mental attitude to improve relations with Russia.” “We don’t change Russia and change your neighborhood. Therefore, it is important to support collaboration, dialogue, especially in areas not affected by sanctions — to communicate with the people of Russia, universities, students, who share with us the Kaliningrad region”, — he stressed.

“We need more solid, consistent and quietly to their domestic Affairs,” urged Usackas, mentioning strengthening the economy, improving education, in particular higher, the allocation of resources and readiness for defense, expansion of cooperation with the US, NATO and the EU.

On the question of whether extended sanctions against Russia in late June, Usackas said that the EU is a democratic structure consisting of 28 States, each of which has their views. “And that in diversity is our strength,” he said, adding that, however, there is no official EU position: the restrictions will be lifted only after full implementation of the Minsk agreements.