“It’s an outrage, the returns whether Russia convicted in France of fans

Russia is ready in the procedure of returning convicted in France of fans at home. On Friday 17 June, the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika instructed to check the legality of the verdict of the Russian fans in France, reports “Interfax”. “We now view the legality of the sentence, the decision will come into contact with our colleagues. I have this assignment yesterday gave. We now deal with this issue”, — he said.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs promised to use “all available legal tools to prompt return of our compatriots to Russia”, the official comment of the Ministry.

You can challenge

The Russians can challenge the court decision. The trial took place in a matter of days, pay attention to the lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky. “So quickly we are considering administrative violations, and there is a criminal case. I believe that in such a situation violated the right to a fair trial and the right to protection”, — said Agranovsky. It gives convicts the right to appeal the actions of the French authorities to the European court of human rights. “I’ve never heard of prison sentences imposed so quickly. In the criminal process must be protected and so forth,” agrees member of the Council on human rights Andrey Yurov. In his opinion, the court of the Russian fans was carried out too quickly.

The situation should interfere with the Russian Consulate and to see how carefully the investigation was conducted and what is confirmed by the guilt of the convicts, said the lawyer Timur Huta. On the legal support of the fans are already working the consular service of Russia, said on Friday Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

In addition, Russian fans can use the same mechanisms that were involved in the exchange of Ukrainian prisoners in the Russian, the lawyer said Dmitry Agranovsky. For example, they can apply to the French President for clemency.

Fans can try to appeal the verdict, and if the appellate court will leave it in force, they may be asked to send them to serve their sentences in Russia, between the countries there is an agreement, said Agranovsky. But the Russian Ministry of justice may request extradition until the sentence came into force, explained in a press-service of the Ministry.

Fans assigned to protect France’s lawyers, to appeal against the sentence they had pronounced. The lawyer of one of convicts Alexei Aronova Jerome Barberis refused commentaires .

A rare case

Thursday, June 16, on charges of involvement in the riots before the match between England and Russia in Marseille to real prison terms were sentenced three Russian football fan. Nikolai Morozov was sentenced to a year months in prison, the Director on work with fans FK “the locomotive” Alexey Aronov to two years, and the Director of the fan club of the Tula football club “Arsenal” Sergey Gorbachev a half years months of imprisonment. They are also deprived of the opportunity of entering France for two years.

According to the transcript of the meeting Aronov, Gorbachev and frost pleaded not guilty in spite of the demonstrated to the court video footage and photos. According to the prosecution, Aronov in the group of fans “led the hunt” for single English fans and beat them. Gorbachev and Morozov have made similar allegations of participation in an organized group and violence committed with weapons. Also to the French court brought the citizens of Russia Belov and Kiselev. Their names are not disclosed. Belov has not been assigned any penalty, and Kiselyov, was sentenced to three months in prison with probation of five years and a ban on entry to France for one year. The two Russians released.

In addition to the Russians, prison sentences received six of the British. According to investigators, they were throwing bottles at police officers. Two were sentenced to three months, two to two months, and another two received a month of detention. Most of them, the court denied entry to France for a period of one to two years.

Fans were arrested before, people are also imprisoned, says the Deputy Director of the European legal service (partner of the RFU in the championship of Europe) Oleg Semenov. According to him, these fans had to raise money for lawyers to help. In 2006, for “the brutal beating of a police officer on the UEFA Cup match “Seville” – “Zenith” Spanish court conditionally sentenced to a year and a half of fans of “Zenith” Igor Yakovlev. In 2008, the fans of “Zenith” was arrested in Villareal on similar charges. Three fans of the club held in custody for more than two months due to the strike of the judges. The court ordered the fans to pay the fine and let them go. Widely known of cases where fans would receive real terms, it was not.

Too harsh

The verdict of the Russian fans to be convicted in France, fair but harsh, follows from the statements of the Russian authorities. “A disgrace, full,” he described Putin fight fans during the St. Petersburg economic forum. “I really don’t know how 200 of our fans took a beating there for a few thousand Englishmen do not understand. But in any case the approach law enforcement should be the same for all violators,” he stressed. In some cases the French authorities have applied to the Russian fans of excessive measures, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova (quoted by TASS). Official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin wrote in a column that fans just defended the right on holiday, and their own on his page on Twitter called “real man”.

“I think we are obliged to take all measures to the French side gave convicts for serving time in territory of the Russian Federation”, — said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma, member of the Executive Committee of the RFU Igor Lebedev. He promised that he will send the appropriate requests to the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva. The RFU will not participate in the negotiation process, according to Lebedev: “the RFU is a public organization. On the eve of the world Cup in Russia, the Union will refuse to participate for political reasons.”

A short investigation and a speedy trial is nothing but a political decision, said the lawyer Timur Huta. “France wants to represent Russian fans as barbarians and aggressors who come to set their own rules, — the lawyer considers. But, in my opinion, there was a provocation”.

Such attention of power structures to the question of the liberation of our fans due to the status of prisoners and their proximity to power. “We see that judgment functionaries, who, perhaps, did not go for personal account and for the account of the club,” – emphasizes the analyst. Oreshkin recalls that, historically, the fan group have always been associated with power structures. .

According to the Professor of the Higher school of Economics Sergei Medvedev launched by the authorities, the process has purely political roots. “This is a political process and a political mistake. Here it was necessary initially to disown and, as with doping, to admit guilt and to repent,” – he said. According to Medvedev, the government, this process is part of the “support” for Russia. “The ideology of “our beat” very clearly there,” – said the expert.