“It’s not our beer: 10 striking quotes from the speech of Vladimir Putin

“America is a great power. It’s probably the only superpower. We accept. We want and are willing to work with the United States.” According to Putin, the world and Russia need such a powerful country as the United States,” but Washington should not interfere in the internal Affairs of Moscow.

“Sanctions, about which you say — they affect the United States? Yes could not relate to. In General, they do not care about these sanctions, because the consequences of our response, they have no effect”. Putin is convinced that Western sanctions and Russian counter-sanctions have no effect on the US economy, but they affect Europe. “But the Americans say to their partners: it is necessary to suffer. Why would they tolerate, I don’t understand. Well, they want — let them suffer.”

“There is no Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist. No — for some reason need to constantly expand NATO infrastructure moving to Russian borders”. The Russian President has again criticized NATO that the Alliance ignores Moscow’s position, taking in the new countries, including former members of the socialist bloc.

“All our actions were and remain exclusively back. But we, that is, as we have the saying, evil does not hold and ready to meet our European partners, but it certainly can’t be a one-sided game”. Putin stressed that Russia was not the initiator of the collapse, disorder and problems,” the imposition of sanctions and urged the European Union to restore cooperation with Russia.

“I’m on the move said that trump is a brilliant man. And that is not bright? Other characteristics I didn’t give him”. So Putin answered a question about the member of the U.S. presidential race Donald trump. According to Putin, trump said he was ready for the full restoration of Russian-American relations. “We don’t crack up, it’s not our business, as the Germans say – not our beer,” he concluded, nevertheless, it.

“This is appalling. I really don’t know how our 200 fans fought there a few thousand Englishmen.” So the President commented on the clashes of fans in Marseille. According to him, the authorities will work with associations of fans. “I hope there’s a lot of intelligent and sober-minded people who understand that offense is not supporting sport and cause only harm”, — said Putin.

“I didn’t work with her.With her Lavrov worked here and ask him. He soon Gromyko”. Putin said that in a short time he worked with spouse Hillary Clinton bill Clinton. “We had a very good relationship, and I can even say that I am grateful to him for some moments, as was my entry into politics. Several times he showed signs of attention, respect and to me personally, and to Russia, and I remember it.”

“Representatives of power structures should be held personally responsible for inappropriate actions that led to the destruction of the business. I believe that this liability may be criminal”. Speaking of the problems of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and businesses, Putin said that there needs to be a hard barrier for any abuse of authority and power.” He asked the working group on enforcement issues in the field of entrepreneurship, which is headed by Sergei Ivanov, to pay attention to these issues.

“With the economic uncertainty, the exhaustion of past sources of growth, to a certain extent tied to current geopolitical tensions. There is a risk that she may become stronger, even the artificially provoked”. Putin believes that the structural problems accumulated in the global economy has gone nowhere. He suggested that in search of sources of growth in some countries may provoke geopolitical tensions.

“We set a goal to get on the pace of economic growth not less than 4% per year. <…> This is not such a high benchmark, but the situation has changed not only for Russia — for the entire global economy.” The task of restoring economic growth at least up to 4% was put to the may meeting of the economic Council under the President. And Putin believes that the slower pace of growth is not exclusively a Russian problem, but a problem all over the world.