Kadyrov will change the chief defender of Chechnya

That permanent Commissioner for human rights in Chechnya Nurdi Nukhazhiev ended the authority, the Federal Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova. “While a new candidate, which should be agreed with me, not nominated,” said the Commissioner. Moskalkova intends to visit Chechnya immediately after it becomes clear who will be the Ombudsman in the Republic in order “to see the progress that has been made over the years, the Commissioner”.

According to the law on Ombudsman for human rights in Chechnya, namely the Republican Parliament approves the Ombudsman, and his candidacy is made by the head of the region. Candidacy should be submitted a month prior to the expiration of the term of office of the Ombudsman. For approval to the Federal Ombudsman, the candidacy of a regional Commissioner is to be paid 10 days prior to the termination of the mandate of the latter.

Powers Nurdi Nukhazhiev ended at the end of March 2016, said a source in the office of the Federal Ombudsman. “The candidacy was supposed to go for approval in mid-March, but it still wasn’t done,” said the source.

“When the commissioners leave the old man, the procedure of nomination and approval of candidates is quick. Everything was delayed. Most likely, authorized in Chechnya will be a new man,” said another source in the apparatus Moskalkova. That looks for a new candidate, I heard another person familiar with the negotiations.

The source says that this post discusses the head of the Chechen news Agency “Objective”, the human rights activist Kheda Saratova. She did not comment on his possible appointment. “Whoever becomes Commissioner for human rights in Chechnya, he will have to work a lot,” she said.

The head of Department on public relations and mass media of the Chechen Ombudsman rose satueva to clarify the situation with nuhazhiev at the time of writing could not by phone number setevoy the number listed on the website of the Chechen Ombudsman, did not answer. Press Secretary of Ramzan Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov refused to talk .

Office of the Commissioner for human rights Nukhazhiev has held since the beginning of existence of this institution in the region, 2006. A few years prior to that, he oversaw the area of human rights in the Chechen government, headed by Kadyrov, and in the office of the special representative of Russia in the Republic.

Nukhazhiev critical to the well-known human rights defenders who criticize Kadyrov, and did not hide his attitude toward them. So, Nukhazhiyev believes that the head of the “Committee for the prevention of torture” Igor Kalyapin, whose organization a few years has been the investigation of abuse of authority of the Chechen security forces, should be excluded from the presidential Council on human rights (HRC). Such a reaction from Nukhazhiev provoked and posted online a video in which Kalyapin shouted slogans against President of Russia Vladimir Putin “Russia without Putin!”.

Nukhazhiev also differed with human rights defenders in the estimates of criticism of Kadyrov non-system opposition, whose representatives, the head of Chechnya called “enemies of the people” and accused them of wanting “to cash in on the difficult economic situation.” The then Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova (now headed by CEC) called the words of Kadyrov’s “harmful”, the HRC also expressed concern about the statements of the head of Chechnya, but Nukhazhiev anything wrong in them not found. “I am confident that the words of Ramzan Kadyrov belonged to that part of the opposition, whose activities are financed from abroad and aimed at undermining the socio-political situation in the country,” — said Nukhazhiev.

In March 2016, the Ombudsman was asked to start a criminal case against opposition leader Ilya Yashin, who published the report “national security Threat” of Kadyrov, his entourage and the political system. According to Nukhazhiev, the report was “steeped in slander.”

Chairman of the Board of the human rights centre “memorial” Oleg Orlov believes that whoever becomes the new Ombudsman in Chechnya, he will have to work in the most severe conditions. “It’s like being the Commissioner for human rights under Joseph Stalin,” he says.