Putin endorsed the US proposal on the inclusion of the opposition in the Syrian government

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the US proposal on the introduction of to the existing government of Syria of the opposition. Such a statement he made during a speech at the plenary session of St Petersburg international economic forum.

Putin called the proposal “perfectly acceptable”, but urged to carefully approach this question, consider what the authority would such a government. “You can’t go too far, we must proceed from realities and is not necessary to aspire to the statement unenforceable, unattainable goals,” he added.

In April, in Syria held parliamentary elections. For 250 seats in the National Council fought 3,5 thousand of candidates (14 people): representatives of the Pro-government National progressive front led by the ruling party “Baas”, representatives of political parties, established after the adoption of the Constitution of the SAR in 2012, some representatives of the so-called Patriotic opposition and independent candidates. The Syrian government is appointed by the President.

The voting took place in the territories controlled by the government, that is, in 12 provinces out of 14. The Syrians, who at the time of elections left the country (according to the UN April, since the war began in March 2011, Syria ran almost 5 million people couldn’t vote: as explained, the CEC head Hisham al-Shaar, to organize the voting abroad is very difficult. The “external” opposition in the face of established in Riyadh, the Higher Committee on negotiations (which combines various opposition groups established the Syrian dissidents in other countries), representatives of the “internal” opposition, the Syrian Kurds, as well as the USA, France, Germany and Britain announced a boycott of the elections even before they start. Political opponents of Assad to seek his resignation and believe the elections is premature and illegitimate.

After the elections, “Baas” got almost 80% of the seats.

Earlier, the British television and radio bi-Bi-si” reported that 51 U.S. state Department has signed an internal Memorandum with an appeal to apply a targeted military strikes on government positions in connection with numerous violations of the ceasefire regime, which operates in the country since February 27. According to American diplomats, otherwise, Assad “will not feel the need to negotiate with the opposition.” The state Department confirm the existence of the document, but does not comment on its contents.

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the document, noted that “calls for the violent overthrow of the government in another country are unlikely to be perceived in Moscow” and that “the elimination of a regime is unlikely to contribute to the successful continuation of the fight against terrorism”.

According to Putin, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is well aware that the conflict in the country are the contradictions in society. “The question is not whether to extend control over those or other territories, and to ensure the confidence of the whole society, the various parts of this society to each other — and on this basis to establish a modern, effective leadership that will be trusted by the entire population of the country,” the President explained in his speech at the SPIEF.

The only way to solve the problem, according to Putin, — political dialogue. “We have repeatedly called for, and Assad talked about this, he agreed with that process,” he said.