Putin said Russia’s desire not to be “thrown” at the lifting of the sanctions

“We would be ready for such steps [on the abolition of counter-sanctions] if we were to believe that we are once again, as we say in the people, not throw,” — said Putin.

On the eve of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at a forum in St. Petersburg, proposed that Russia and the first to lift the sanctions, to push the EU to lift sanctions.

“We must be sure that even these unilateral actions on the part of Russia will be followed by reciprocal steps that will not, as the famous classic, a step forward, then two steps back,” — said on Friday Putin.

Earlier speaking at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), Putin said that all sanctions imposed by Western countries, was the response, and Russia has never initiated disputes.

“Russia was not the initiator of today’s collapse, disorder and problems, the imposition of sanctions. All our actions were and remain only in response”, the President said, noting that Moscow “holds no evil” and are ready to meet European partners.