Putin urged to align relationships between the state and business

The Russian government will continue to liberalize the economy and improve the business climate in the country, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF).

“We will continue further liberalization and improvement of the business climate. We will solve the systemic problems, which is still enough”, said Putin, stressing the need to improve transparency and “leveling” the relationship of government and business, including drastic reduction in opportunities for illegal attraction of businessmen to justice.

“Representatives of power structures should be held personally responsible for inappropriate actions that led to the destruction of the business, — the President said, instructing the government to accelerate the removal of administrative, legal and other barriers which hamper business development and the creation of markets of the future.

The President noted that the most important role in creating an enabling environment for business, play areas, and said about a possible reshuffle in the regions where do not understand the importance of business support. “I ask the government and the business community to consider additional mechanisms to promote better regional management teams. And, on the contrary, we will take serious action until the personnel decisions in respect of those heads of regions who don’t understand that business support is an important resource for development of regions and the whole country”, — said the head of state. Putin also said that the need to guarantee the right of citizens and businesses in a fair and impartial judicial protection.

Putin recognized that the General deterioration of the macroeconomic situation does not allow to set ourselves such ambitious, as before, the goal. However, the pace of economic growth not less than 4% per annum Russia, he said, have to come. Labour productivity in the country should grow annually at least 5%.

“We need productivity growth in large and medium-sized enterprises, industry, construction, transport and agriculture not less than 5% per year. It seems that it is very difficult or even impossible task, if you look at what we have going on this today. However, examples of many companies, and entire industries, such as aviation industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture show that this task is absolutely achievable real,” — said Putin.

One of the most important tasks the President called for further implementation of the program of import substitution, which should provide the country competitive on the world market and the inclusion of Russian companies in the global industrial and technological alliances, and “not on the sidelines, and as a strong, effective partners.”

Successfully addressing the country’s problems, according to Putin, should reduce budget dependence on oil and commodity revenues in the next 5-7 years the non-oil deficit will be reduced at least twice.