Putin was surprised by the news of the “people marked” the British Russians

President Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg international economic forum answered the question about the Russian fans who participated in the riots at the European championship on football in France. “I really don’t understand how 200 of our fans fought thousands of Russians”, — Putin said, answering the question about the doping scandal and unrest in the League.

Meanwhile, Putin expressed regret that the Euro-2016 overshadow the scandals with the fans. “In my opinion, less attention to football pay than fight fans. Very sad. And I’m sorry about that,” he said. In his opinion, this situation should be based on “some General criteria, and responsibility for their actions should be as personalized and relevant to offenders must be uniform.

A few Russians were in custody after fights at Euro 2016. On Friday, the Russian foreign Ministry said that Russian diplomats jointly with their lawyers consider “use all available legal instruments” for a prompt return to Russian football fans. This is stated in the message on the Ministry’s website. The foreign Ministry noted that “employees of consular Department of the Embassy and the Consulate General in Marseille provide all necessary assistance to ex-offenders and injured Russian citizens who are in constant contact with them and their relatives, as well as representatives of local authorities”.

Before judicial action was taken on cases of Russian citizens detained after the clashes in the district in Marseille before the match Russia — England in front of him on June 11. Against three Russians indictments: one was sentenced to one year imprisonment, the second to 1.5 years, and the third to two years.

Also made a decision in respect of the two Russian citizens — one was not appointed punishment, and the second was sentenced to three months in prison with probation of five years and a ban on entry to France for one year. Both released, but will be expelled within 24 hours.

Besides the foreign Ministry, the French authorities decided to expel the 20 Russian fans detained in the bus in the center of Mandelieu. Them, noted in the Department, the allocated tickets on a direct flight from nice to Moscow on 18 June.

Saturday, 11 June, in Marseille, clashes broke out between fans of Russia and England before the match between the two countries. Injured more than 30 people. One English fan was injured, the doctors pronounced him brain dead.

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