Renzi argued with Putin about the nature of sanctions

At the plenary meeting, after the scheduled speeches of the leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan and Italy, when the answers to the questions of the moderator, between Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi has been controversy about who is behind the sanctions and how to solve this problem.

Putin traditionally criticized the United States. He expressed the view that elections are not quite democratic, because the President is elected not directly but by the electoral College. And made clear that the United States, in his opinion, are behind the decision to impose anti-sanctions, which are affecting not Americans, and Europeans. “They [Americans] retaliatory sanctions have no effect,” — said Putin, noting that Europe is suffering greatly due to Russian embargo. “Why suffer do not understand. Want to endure — let it be.”

Taking the floor, Mr Renzi has made clear that do not agree with these remarks of the Russian colleagues. He defended the American elections, calling the US “great democracy”. Speaking about the nature of the sanctions, he noted that we are not talking about a patience that European countries themselves, without outside pressure, decided to impose sanctions after the events in the Crimea and in the Donbas. Therefore, the key to their removal is in the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict, should the Italian Prime Minister.

“We have the Foundation — the Minsk agreement, we should require both sides to implement them, then we can talk about lifting sanctions. We should also stop to blame only one side of the conflict, whether separatists or Kiev, it’s time to force both parties to start to implement the Minsk agreement”, — said the Italian Prime Minister.

Not USA made the decision for others, said Renzi. According to him, “Putin knows perfectly well that this decision was made by some European leaders”.

He stressed that the Italy completely independent: “I represent the great country of Italy. We have a large historical community and a great value.”

In addition, he ironically expressed in the address of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Earlier in the meeting, Putin compared it with the foreign Minister of the USSR Andrei Gromyko: Lavrov, as predecessor, for many years remains in this post. Rienzi, on this occasion said: “it is Extremely important that Russia was a party to the main dossier of the Mediterranean, which Minister Lavrov — who I can now call Gromyko, Gromyko-Lavrov — worked well, efficiently.

In closing remarks, Putin acknowledged that there was a real discussion, but on the key issues in the positions of Russia and Italy have more in common than differences.

Renzi was the only head of EU countries who visited forum. After the plenary session he discussed with Putin behind closed doors, in the course of bilateral negotiations. On the eve of Putin meeting with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, the sanctions subject they did not discuss, said after the meeting, the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.