“Such a large country with such an old system”: Jack MA on the work in Russia

Russian potential

“I see great potential in the development of Russian small business, because the Russian economy is now not in the best shape. Russia is too much attention paid to oil, big corporations, big companies. But the potential is not in them, and in small companies. It’s not even in crisis and falling oil prices, and that new technologies contribute to the development of small business. Russia is now clearly insufficient small business. Russia should focus on the service sector. Look at logistics — shipping sometimes takes 15, even 30 days. If more small companies will be engaged in logistics business, it will be perfect! The same applies to tourism. To Russia will bring more and more tourists from China. You can open more restaurants, hotels, you need to understand that like the Chinese and export it to China, in neighboring countries such as, Kazakhstan”.

Heaven for small business

“One of the proposals that we offer to the authorities in different countries, including in Russia, is the creation of free economic zones for small and medium business e-hubs. Such areas need to create around and they should be interconnected with the electronic roads. Free zones will be the same electronic roads, some trains are stations and for aircraft — airports. Now all free economic zones exist only for large companies. We want to create the same conditions for small businesses”

Mail of Russia Russian pattern

“I don’t like the American model of building a business abroad, they capture a local company. Seems to me when entering new markets, finding the correct country specific structure and maintain them, to make them more successful. We looking for such structures in Russia, and as an example, perhaps, be called Russian post. This amazing phenomenon is such a big country with such an old system! Two years ago, she often faltered, but now they are developing very quickly. Besides the fact that we want to improve logistics, it is also important to convince the Russian authorities to support local business that wants to sell something on AliExpress.

Chinese friendship

“Russia and China have good political relations. President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping are good friends, but not enough. You need to have well-established business communication, communication between people. Only then will the relations between our countries can be called stable. Companies like Alibaba, should help the Russian and Chinese companies to build business relationships. We need to familiarize Chinese tourists with Russia, so they will better understand your country, instead of building the image of Russia from the books they read, they need to come here. We should also encourage the Russian economy to go to China. That’s what we do.”


In 50 years, Jack MA — one of the richest men in China. In the global list of billionaires according to Forbes he was assigned to the 33rd line: the magazine estimated the state of MA at $24.5 Only IPO MA made $867 million (the entire Alibaba valued at $to 167.8 billion). In 2013, Jack MA resigned as group President and appointed successor, Jonathan Lu, and he remained Chairman of the Board of Directors. In the spring of 2014, he also heads a charitable Foundation.
Alibaba Group controls about 80% of e-Commerce market in China. The holding unites several business directions: Taobao, AliExpress, Tmall for online trading), AliPay (payment system, China Smart Logistic Network (logistics), Alibaba Cloud Computing (cloud service). Services Alibaba successfully developed and outside China. In particular, the online store is AliExpress is in the top 10 most visited Russian sites.