The European Union has extended for a year sanctions against the Crimea

EU authorities have extended the validity period imposed on Crimea’s accession to Russia in Europe called illegal annexation, for another year. according to Reuters.

In accordance with the new decision, the ban European companies and EU citizens to invest in the Crimea, including to buy on the Peninsula properties, as well as to export any goods and services produced and imported in the Crimea, the goods will be valid until 23 June 2017.

In addition, the sanctions prohibit cooperation in the field of tourism, which in particular means a ban on visiting cruise ships from European ship owners Crimean ports.

For the first time, the sanctions against Crimea were imposed by the EU in June 2014, and since then several times renewed and expanded. In previous times, the decision on the extension of the “Crimean” sanctions of the EU was adopted in June 2015.