The head of Tinkoff Bank has predicted “earthquake” in the banking market

“We understand two things — a new generation of brand “purple” confidence in the Bank, he is still Also young people don’t want to go anywhere, including Bank branches,” said Hughes, speaking at a session of the St. Petersburg economic forum.

“Where the consumer goes? The new generation will not go to the post office or even in a Bank branch. It is not necessary. Today, of course there are a lot of people that have somewhere to go. It is clear — a habit. But if you look at the new generation is “Millennials” — they are not going anywhere, they want to consume at home,” said Hughes. “As soon as the generation of Millennials will reach critical mass, the banking system is waiting for the earthquake,” he suggested.

Hughes in a session entitled “Banks vs. digital platforms: for whom is the future?” at SPIEF argued with the head of “Mail Bank” Dmitry Rudenko about whether it is necessary to create the technology within the Bank or use for outsourcing.

Rudenko told about the strategy of low cost, which implies minimizing the cost of doing business. “We are fans of outsourcing… I have no ambition to become the best programmer” said Rudenko. To which Hughes replied that 60% of employees Tinkoff — IT specialists, and the Bank prefers to invest in the internal development of products and technologies, and not to give it to outsourcing. “In our experience this approach is more efficient. First, the external expert could never get a good understanding of the needs of our customers as we are. Secondly, often companies work in parallel in several projects. Of course we attract vendors and suppliers of technology, but if we understand that we are more efficient and easier to do it yourself, we do it ourselves,” said Hughes.

Rudenko said that this model is outdated. “This reasoning of the Russian banker of the 90’s- do the Bank and cease to be a banker,” he said.

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