The Prime Minister of Italy has promised not to allow automatic renewal of sanctions

Italy for the forthcoming meeting of EU ambassadors will advocate that sanctions against Russia have been extended automatically, as this issue needs further discussion. This was stated by Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi at a press conference after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Italy’s position is very simple. Sanctions do not automatically renew like it’s business as usual. I can confirm that at the next meeting a meeting of ambassadors in Brussels, we will ask for sanctions at this meeting there were discussions that they were not automatically extended and to be able to know at what stage is the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” — said Renzi (quoted by “Interfax”).

Last week the Financial Times wrote that European supporters of the easing of sanctions against Russia has changed position, and it will allow the EU to extend the restrictive measures for another six months. Citing sources in Brussels, the publication reported that “peaceful” in relation to Russia, the country decided to defer consideration of their claims on the revision of the sanctions before the summit in December 2016.

One source told FT that sooner or later the EU will require “deep and detailed” discussion of anti-Russian sanctions and called year-end “true moment” for this.

Earlier Bloomberg, citing European officials reported that EU countries, including those least supported sanctions, in General, agreed to extend the restrictive measures for a further six months.