The United States decided to help Saudi Arabia in carrying out economic reforms

According to the White house, quoted by Reuters, on Thursday, June 16, the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is visiting USA, met with representatives of the National economic Council under President Barack Obama.

In the meeting, in particular, was attended by the Minister of the Treasury Jack Lew, the Minister of energy Ernest Moniz and Secretary of Commerce penny Pritzker. Mohammed bin Salman discussed with them plans to diversify the economy of Saudi Arabia by 2030.

“The U.S. government welcomed the commitment of Saudi Arabia to economic reforms and stressed the US desire to become a key supporter of Saudi Arabia in achieving its ambitious program of economic reforms”, — quotes Reuters the statement of the White house.

The reform programme “Vision 2030” has been approved by the government of Saudi Arabia consists of the national transformation plan. The document was prepared by the Council on economic Affairs and development, which is headed by Mohammed bin Salman. In a series of interviews with Bloomberg, Prince Mohammed said that he plans to end the dependence of the Kingdom on oil revenues, which is planned to privatize, reduce subsidies and step up investment in non-resource projects.