The United States will maintain a military presence in the Black sea despite the protests of Russia

The United States will maintain a military presence in the Black sea, despite the warnings of Russia, told Reuters the Minister of naval forces of the United States ray near Mabus point. “We intend to continue our presence there. We intend to keep. This is the main reason why we’re there, ” deterrence of potential aggression,” he said.

According to Mabusa, US actions comply with the Montreux Convention, which prescribes that non-black sea States have the right to stay in the Black sea for only 21 days. Among NATO members, the Minister said there will be Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, and they are all black sea countries.

In early June it became known that the American missile destroyer USS Porter entered the Black sea. In the United States explained that the goal is “a routine patrol with allies and partners <…> to improve security and stability in the black sea region”.

Moscow threatened the United States “response planning”. Director of Department of European cooperation Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kelin called the emergence of the American ship in the Black sea on the eve of the NATO summit demonstrations of force.

Meanwhile, Romania and Turkey took the initiative of creating a flotilla of NATO in the Black sea. The question of the establishment of the black sea fleet, probably, as previously reported, will be discussed at the NATO summit in July. Romanian media, in particular, wrote that Bucharest will propose to create in the Black sea regular fleet of ships of Germany, Italy, Turkey and the United States. The initiative was supported by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Bulgaria — black sea the state opposed the creation of the Black sea fleet of NATO. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that Sofia will not join this plan. “I always said that I want to see in the Black sea, sailboats, yachts, large ships, and not to become a battleground… I don’t want a war in the Black sea,” he said, adding that Bulgaria is a peaceful country, “its foreign policy is not directed against anyone”.

15 Jun Kelin said that a permanent NATO presence in the Black sea will be destabilizing and harmful to the security of the region. “If the issue will be resolved in the establishment of a permanent connection, then of course it will have a destabilizing, it is not a space NATO, nothing to do with the Alliance it has in the Black sea the freedom of navigation,” he said, noting that it will not improve Russia’s relations with the Alliance.