American FA-18 came in the area of application of Russian air force strikes in Syria

In Syria, the U.S. sent fighter jets FA-18 zone to the border of Jordan, where at the moment, Russian aircraft attacked the positions of militia. About this CNN said Pentagon sources.

The publication does not specify when it strikes, is referred to in the material. According to officials from the security sector, they carried out six miles from the Jordanian border. After a series of two bumps in the area of operation was sent to the FA-18. American pilots tried to contact the Russian at the pre-agreed channel of communication between the pilots but got no answer.

After that, FA-18 left the area for refueling. In turn, the Russian aircraft returned for another series of strikes, said the source of si-EN-EN. As writes the edition, the bombing was carried out by su-24 that took off from a base in Latakia.

“Russian warplanes launched a series of strikes near al-TANF on the Syrian forces who are fighting with the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). Their number included the militia, supported by US,” said a senior official from the Pentagon. He noted that Russian planes for some time not active in this region.

“Russia’s recent actions raise serious concerns regarding its intentions. We demand from Russia an explanation why she did it, and guarantees that this will not happen,” — said the source.

In the evening on Thursday source Reuters the Pentagon said that Russian aircraft attacked the positions of the rebels fighting the ISIL and supported by the United States. He stressed that at this point neither Russian nor Syrian army were not in the area of the fire.

In newsletters of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria for the last three days noted that the Russian HQs are not wearing the beats “by opposition paramilitary groups announced the cessation of hostilities and reported in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation of their location information”.