In Berlin criticized the NATO exercises near Russia’s borders

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized the military exercises Saber Strike and Anakonda-2016, which NATO conducts in Eastern Europe. The opinion of the foreign Minister was ampulicidae in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

“Those who believe that symbolic tank parade on the Eastern border of the Alliance will be secure, that zabluditsya”, — the Minister stated (quoted by Spiegel).

According to Steinmeier, at the moment “should not further worsen the situation by saber rattling and battle cry”. “We need not give a reason for the resumption of the last confrontation,” — said the Minister.

The head of the German foreign Ministry said that NATO partners wish to resume discussion about “advantage of disarmament and arms control in the interests of security in Europe.” According to the Minister, the decision to focus on the military aspect and to seek a solution in the policy of containment” would be “fatal”.

Steinmeier called on NATO to dialogue with Russia. He explained that Moscow must engage in “an international partnership of responsibility”. Examples of such involvement, he called the participation of Russia in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program and the fight against radical Islamists in the middle East.

Exercises Anakonda-2016 took place in Poland from 7 to 17 June and began krupneishii in the history of the States. In the maneuvers involved 31 thousand soldiers from 24 countries (including 14 thousand). In the framework of the exercises, including a scenario of hybrid war.

In the Baltic States 13 Jun began exercise Saber Strike, which involved about 10 thousand servicemen from 13 countries of the Alliance. They will last until June 21 and will be held in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.