Putin promised to respond to US missile defense in Europe

At the meeting with heads of news agencies, the President said that Russia will be forced to respond to the development of US missile defense in Europe. According to him, in the early 2000-ies he warned that in response to placement of anti-missile Moscow will respond by developing offensive weapons to balance. As noted by Putin, while the West has given up, and now accuses Russia of aggressive behavior.

The head of state has expressed concern about a military confrontation between Russia and the United States. “As we cannot understand: we drag the world into a whole new dimension, that’s the problem,” Putin said. According to him, he does not understand how to “reach out” to foreign colleagues.

Commenting on the US ABM system in Romania, the head of state noted that the missile may very quickly be replaced with “Tomahawks,” which are offensive weapons. “No Romanians will not know, or poles. I know how to do it”, – Putin said.

“That you only hang noodles on the ears, as we say, and you in turn hang their populations,” said the President, representatives of foreign information agencies.

The Russian head of state reminded that the missile defense system, according to the Americans, originally was supposed to be protection from an Iranian nuclear threat. “No threat, a missile defense system being built, so we were right when they said that to deceive us… once again tried to screw us,” said Putin.