SBU detained in Kharkov employee of Consulate General of Russia

As the press service of the SBU, the Russian arrested for trying to bribe law enforcement officers. Intelligence agencies claim that the diplomat was offered $ 400 for a driver’s licence for himself and another member of the consular service.

According to the SBU, after the arrest he was presented the officer of the Consulate General of Russia in Kharkiv and presented to the enforcement staff a diplomatic passport and accreditation card.

Because the detainee has diplomatic immunity, he was released, indicates the SBU. Now the question of the announcement of Russian persona non grata.

The name of the diplomat is not called.

The SBU also published a video in which first seen the two men who pass each other a envelope, and then one of these men, accompanied by men in uniform.

SBU announced it would oppose the intelligence agencies of Russia “in seeking to corrupt law enforcement bodies of Ukraine.