The Kremlin has called “primitive propaganda” statements about Russia in the Baltic States

Statements from States in the Baltic States about the threat from Russia due to the difficult economic situation in these countries and to attract the attention of the West. In an interview with the host of “Vesti Nedeli” Sergey Brilev said the head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergei Ivanov.

“It’s all propaganda from the beginning to the end. I’d say kondovoj propaganda, the Authors must have taken the card of the great Patriotic war, watched as the Soviet army was advancing… and as if nothing has changed, as scientific and pseudo-scientific justifications put it on the table,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Ivanov explained that in all three Baltic countries has occurred “depopulation”. So, according to him, Latvia 1990 “half of the population as a cow tongue licked.” In this regard, explained the head of the administration, Baltic state “yelling loudly about the impending treacherous attack of Russia”.

“That means even one battalion or brigade (NATO) stationed in a new place? Hundreds of new jobs. This extra income. This is an economic plus,” — said Ivanov. He added that any military presence brings economic income to the country where apartments part.

“Here to kill two hares: and politically provides the basis for the continuation of sanctions, and, most importantly, painting us as an enemy image. Here, perhaps, the main goal”, — concluded the head of the administration.

In the Baltic States 13 Jun began exercise Saber Strike. They are about 10 thousand troops from 13 NATO countries. They will last until June 21 and will be held on the territory of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The German foreign Ministry criticized the maneuvers. So, the Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that there is no need to further aggravate the situation by saber rattling and battle cry”.

Last week the Minister of defence of Lithuania Juozas Olekas said that the Baltic countries are discussing the creation of a regional system of air defence. Commander of the Estonian defense Forces, Lieutenant General Riho Terras said in may that regional forces needed patriot missile batteries or similar system to prevent any provocations from the Russian side.