The Pentagon and Russian defense Ministry have discussed air strikes on rebels in Syria

Representatives of the Pentagon and the defense Ministry held a video conference about the strikes on fighting against the “Islamic state” (the activities of the organization banned in Russia) rebels in Syria, reported on the website of the American Department. According to Washington, the attack was made by Russian aircraft.

In a conversation, as specified in the message, on the American side participated, acting assistant Secretary for international security Affairs Elissa Slotkin, and Lieutenant-General Kenneth F. McKenzie. Those who participated in the negotiations with the Russian side, is not specified.

Pentagon officials expressed strong concern about the attack on the garrison, supported by a coalition [led by the United States. — note] and fighting against ISIL forces in a populated point At-TANF, including those that are parties to the cease-fire.” They noted that these concerns will be addressed during the ongoing diplomatic negotiations on the cessation of hostilities” in Syria.

While Slotkin and McKinsey, stressed that continuing airstrikes in Al-Tape, “even after the United States attempts to inform the Russian forces through the appropriate channels on the current air support from the coalition fighting against ISIL forces,” created “concerns about security for the American side and the coalition.”

The Pentagon asked from the Russian side answer about this problem”. Both sides, the report says, “reiterated the need to adhere to measures to improve safety and avoid incidents and misunderstandings in the airspace of Syria.”

Earlier on Saturday, the press Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow William Stevens stated that Washington is seeking explanations from Moscow over information about the Russian VKS strikes on rebel positions in Syria. “We seek an explanation from Russia on what happened and why, and assurances that it won’t happen,” he said.

That the Russian aviation attacked the rebels in Syria, fighting with ISIS and supported by the United States, announced on 16 June, the Reuters source in the Pentagon. He emphasized that at this point neither Russian nor Syrian army were not in the area of the fire.

The CNN sources at the Pentagon later reported that the pilots of American fighters FA-18 tried to contact the Russian pilots at the moment when they attacked the positions of militia, but got no response.

The defense Ministry meanwhile claims that “Russian aerospace forces and the Syrian air force on opposition militias, declared a cessation of hostilities and reported in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation for information about his location, the strikes did not cause”.