Apple refused to Fund the Republican Convention because of trump

Apple refused to Fund or support the Congress of the Republican party in Cleveland, which will be held next month, because the candidate Donald trump told Politico two sources in the company.

The reason for the refusal of support, which the iPhone maker has provided in the past, became “controversial statements about women, immigrants and minorities” billionaire. However, as the newspaper notes, other technology companies — Facebook, Google, Microsoft — will continue to assist in the organization of the July Congress.

The representative of the Republican party on the issue of Apple’s reluctance to Fund the event, said: “We work with various large technical partners who are focused on being part of the American political process.” Apple, in turn, refused to comment on this information. Also refused from comments, a representative of trump.

As pointed out to Politico, it remains unclear how the company intends to apply to the accounting of the Congress of Democrats which will pass in the summer in Philadelphia.

Politico writes that the political position of the Apple vs trump — “a sign of the growing tension between Silicon valley and pretentious Republican nominee”. “Trump has used the fire of his rhetoric against the entire tech industry, but singled out Apple, calling to boycott the company’s products and criticizing CEO Tim cook for the position of Apple regarding encryption”, — notes the edition.

This case occurred in February. “Boycott all Apple products until it provides to the authorities the data from the mobile phone relative to a pair of radical Islamists from California,” urged the tramp. Then we talked about the terrorist Syed Farkye, started a fire in California. The FBI demanded Apple to hack your iPhone.

Previously, Apple — even though she “is not an active political player” — supported by the congresses of both parties. So, in 2008 the company provided as the Republicans and Democrats the MacBook for about $140 thousand

In late may, the Associated Press calculated that trump’s support has 1238 electors, whereas for the nomination of a candidate for head of state must be one less — 1237. The other most likely candidate for the elections of the United States — a Democrat, Hillary Clinton. 7 Jun AP also reported that she received the required number of delegates — 2383. The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November this year.