The foreign Minister of Luxembourg, warned about the “Domino effect” in the EU after Brexit

A British exit from the European Union could lead to similar moves by other member States of the EU in Eastern Europe. This opinion was expressed in the German newspaper Tagesspiegel am Sonntag, foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn.

“It is possible that the proposed referendum on the UK remaining in the EU will lead to a Domino effect in Eastern Europe”, — said the politician.

He also called a “historic mistake” the proposal of British Prime Minister David Cameron to hold a referendum. According to Asselborn, even if the outcome of the referendum the UK will remain in the EU, “it will not solve the problems associated with negative attitude of the British towards the EU”.

According to the foreign Minister of Luxembourg, I sometimes have the impression that Cameron and former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski gave a tacit consent to the curtailment of European integration. “It seems that both have a common intention regarding the expression of their critical position towards the EU”, — said the politician.

Reuters said that after winning the elections in Poland, a conservative and eurosceptic government is faced with EU regulators on issues of freedom of speech, of energy, ecology and democracy. The Agency reminds that Poland became the largest recipient of funds from the structural funds.

A referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the European Union will take place on June 23. According to the survey conducted by Survation on Friday and Saturday for the country’s withdrawal from the EU are 42% of people in the UK, against 45%. These results were published shortly after the murder of British member of Parliament Joe Cox, who actively campaigned for the finding of the country in the European Union.

The head of the Ministry of Finance of great Britain George Osborne praised the country’s withdrawal from the EU to £30 billion ($42.9 billion). In his opinion, that is the amount to find the government for four years, as Brexit becomes the reason of low growth of the economy. Osborne also warned that the budget deficit will have to compensate by raising taxes.