The Guardian reported on Russian fans at Euro 2016 with the Kremlin

The actions of Russian “hooligans” in France during the world Cup football championship was sanctioned by the Kremlin, told The Guardian a high-ranking government sources.

According to them, a significant number of Russians that were involved in the riots and “extremely coordinated attacks on English and other fans in Marseilles and Lille — the representatives of “power structures” of Russia, and that their actions were part of a “hybrid war”. Experts of the British government Express concern that the plan of the Russian authorities is that “demonstrate the power of Russia, based in the country on the idea that the rest of the world against her,” the newspaper writes.

A British government source told the newspaper The Observer that in order to determine the “origin” of those who participated in the riots, was investigated by social media. “It is difficult to prove that all this was sanctioned by the Kremlin, but we can see that some of them [involved in the riots], the number of employees of power structures of Russia. It looks like this is a continuation of the hybrid war unleashed by Putin,” — said the source publication.

The head of the British police for Euro 2016 mark Roberts said, according to The Guardian that the attack was “the most serious and concerted’ve seen them for 10 years that he specializiruetsya in football violence.” Representatives of the police, according to Roberts, saw 150 Russian fans punching Burr, gloves without finger and bandanas.

On 11 June in Marseille before the match Russia — England clashes of fans between the two countries. The riots affected more than 30 people, one Englishman was seriously injured, doctors pronounced him brain dead. Then at the end of the match, around 30 Russian fans broke through the cordon of stewards, entered the sector with the English fans, where once again there was a fight. After that UEFA conditionally disqualified the Russian team until the end of the tournament. Disqualification will take effect, if the Russian fans will once again violate the order.

14 June in the South of France was arrested on a bus in which there were more than 40 people headed by the leader of the all-Russia Association of fans (VOB) Alexander by Sprijinim. According to fans, they went to Lille, where the meeting was to be held the second match of Euro 2016 with the participation of Russia, against the team of Slovakia.

Later the three Russians were sentenced to terms ranging from one year to two years in prison, and another 20 Russians were expelled from France. Also, in terms of two the decision was made — one is not applied, and the second was sentenced to three months in prison with probation of five years and a ban on entry to France for one year; both were released.

Friday at the St. Petersburg international economic forum the President of Russia Vladimir Putin answered the question about the Russian fans who participated in the riots at the European Championships. “I really don’t understand how 200 of our fans took a beating a few thousand Englishmen,” — said Putin. Meanwhile, Putin expressed regret that the Euro-2016 overshadow the scandals with the fans.

Before the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called on to cheer for the Russian football team well. While the actions of the fans he called “absolutely unacceptable”. “Of course, this is illegal actions on the part of fans, who staged outrages. This is totally unacceptable, we hope that Russian citizens will observe the laws of the country in which they are in,” he said.