The media reported the death in Syria of Russian marine

During the Russian military operation in Syria has killed Russian marine, Andrey Timoshenkov, held the service contract. This June 19 announced Kaliningrad news site Klops.<url>, citing relatives and colleagues of a serviceman. It clarifies the issue during the clashes injured four soldiers, the DOE of which on Monday will arrive at the Main military clinical hospital named after N. N. Burdenko.

According to a group of independent investigators armed conflict, CIT, information about the deceased appeared in social networks the day before, on June 18. “Colleagues pointed out that Tymoshenko had served in the first airborne assault company 336 brigade of the Western military district, and died 17 June”, — says head of CIT Ruslan Leviev. In addition, he notes that in social networks there was a video which allegedly captured the moment of the death of Timoshenkova. According to the colleagues of the deceased, a marine injured in the attack of a suicide bomber. The video captures the car that the bomber drove up to the Syrian military. According to AMIN, the attack of the terrorist is part of a counter-offensive by the Islamic state (banned in Russia) to Palmyra.

sent a request to the Ministry of defense.

Previously, the government reported the deaths of ten Russian soldiers in the Syrian operation. In October 2015, a suicide of 19-year-old contractor from the Krasnodar region Vadim Kostenko. In November of that year killed captain Fedor Zhuravlev, directing air strikes from the Russian group videoconferencing. Also in November, Turkish F-16 fighter was shot down by Russian su-24. Killed the commander of crew Oleg Peshkov.

During the search and rescue operation helicopter Mi-8 made an emergency landing and was destroyed by fire Turcoman groups. On Board the helicopter were a marine Alexander Pozynich. In February 2016, during a mortar attack died on the Russian military adviser Ivan Cheremisin. In March, triggering a fire that killed Alexander Prokhorenko, passing on intelligence and directing air strikes from Russian bombers. The April disaster killed the crew of the helicopter Mi-28N — Andrew Okladnikov and Victor Pankov. In may, died from his wounds a contractor Anton Erygin. In June it became known about the death of Junior Sergeant Mikhail Charokopos.

In addition, in February, according to colleagues, under unknown circumstances, killing the veteran of Internal troops of the interior Ministry Serhiy Chupov. However, this information is not officially confirmed.

The Russian operation in Syria began on 30 September 2015. Five months later, on March 14, President Vladimir Putin ordered to withdraw the bulk of Russian forces from the territory of Syria