TFR has completed the investigation into the murder of Nemtsov

The TFR has completed the investigation against five defendants in a criminal case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Zaur Dadaev, sadida Gubareva, Anzor Gubashev, Temirlan eskerhanova and Khamzat Bagaeva, announced June 20, the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin. According to him, the TFR in the course of the investigation collected sufficient evidentiary base in this connection the case was forwarded for approval of the indictment.

According to the investigation, Dadaev, Exarchou, Bachevo, Anzor Gubashev and Salido in September 2014 Ruslan muhudinov and other persons” suggested not less than 15 million rubles for the murder of Boris Nemtsov. The investigators found that the defendants “prepared to commit murder”, studying the politician’s life, his place of residence and frequent stay, were followed by covert surveillance.

“The collected consequence of the evidence fully corroborated by the selfish motive of the accused in the murder of Nemtsov, that is the promised reward of not less than 15 million rubles,” — said Markin.

Criminal case against five of the defendants sent for approval of the indictment to the Prosecutor. Prosecutors should consider criminal case received from the Investigative Committee, and within ten days to make a decision on the case. The Supervisory authority, according to the Criminal procedure code, may confirm the indictment and send materials to the court or send the case back to the investigative Committee for redress.

The investigation of the criminal case against Ruslan Muhudinov, of which the consequence considers as the customer and the organizer of the murder, as well as “other unidentified persons” continues, said the representative of the RCDS. Muhudinov November 2015 is on the international wanted list. At the end of may wanted it announced Interpol. The lawyer of relatives of Nemtsov Vadim Prokhorov said earlier that the lawyers believe Muhudinov only “by senior managers, but not the organizer.

20 Jun Prokhorov has declared “to Interfax” that the case could not be considered disclosed unless the customer. “While sitting in the dock ordinary performers, which killed Nemtsov for selfish motives. But what moved by Muhutdinova and other organizers, who gave them 15 million rubles for a contract killing? After all, the money is nothing to sneeze at, even in Chechnya. Until then, until you have established customers and their motives, the case cannot be considered solved”, — said the lawyer.

Boris Nemtsov was killed on the night of 28 February near the Kremlin. The killer shot him several times, then fled by car ZAZ Chance gray. Obvinenie in the case of Zaur Dadayev, Temirlan Eskerkhanov, Khamzat, and brothers, Anzor and Shadid Gubareva in custody.