The head of VTB told about attempts to harm Russia’s banks abroad

“Will there be any attempts to damage our banks abroad? Can be and will be. I do not exclude, because we see quite rigid approaches to our financial institutions,” said Andrey Kostin TV channel , answering a question about a situation with a “daughter” VTB (Bank RCB), Cyprus.

The head of VTB believes that these attempts may be associated with sanctions. “Actually, all this situation, sanctions and so of course they have some kind of goal,” he said.

According to the banker, the story of the participation of Cyprus daughter VTB in the “Panama scandal” completely contrived. “Actually no Panamanian paper is not seen as such, but the interpretation that was given in the press, they are completely untrue. And probably can’t be reality, because the people who comment on them, they are not seen Bank documents”, — said Kostin. He denied that the Cypriot Bank RCB were given unsecured loans to Sergey Roldugina or his companies.

“Bank runs, observing all the brand rules that exist within the EU, not just Cyprus. And we today do not see. Central Bank of Cyprus and European Central Bank carried out the necessary checks, they requested materials, no claims could not be”, — said Andrey Kostin in an interview .

Informed to “Novaya Gazeta” based on the confidential documents of the Panama legal company Mossack Fonseca, wrote that one of the most important sources of Finance the offshore group associated with Sergei Roldugin, were loans from the Cypriot Bank RCB, which were controlled by state Bank VTB. “Documents indicate that in 2010-2012 for Sandalwood Continental (offshore company) had opened a credit line of at least $650 million, the representative of the RCB, said ICIJ that the Bank follows all legal requirements, therefore, the assumption that RCB is also called a wallet for a high-ranking Russian officials, has no basis and does not correspond to the current state of Affairs”, — said the publication.

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After the publication of the Panama dossier of the Central Bank of Cyprus ordered banks to strengthen verification of the identity of their customers, and the U.S. Treasury has said it will study the documents of the dossier in connection with a possible violation of the sanctions regime.

VTB has also repeatedly denied information about the relationship of their Cyprus daughter with Sergei Roldugin. “Investigation of the international consortium of journalists, with the active support, of course, foreign intelligence services, there is little that has the program of fight against offshore companies”, — said the head of VTB Andrey Kostin, speaking at the 7th Congress of the Association of Russian banks. He added that everything that is said in regard to Russian banks, “is false in nature, nothing to do with truth.” “I think the situation becomes clearer when the Agency Bloomberg with reference to sources in the American administration has published data that discusses the possibility of additional sanctions measures against Russia,” — said the head of VTB.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg economic forum the head of Bank VTB Andrey Kostin has called the sanctions “economic war that the US is waging against Russia” “it’s hard for Me to imagine what kind of interaction might be when one group of States in the G20 is waging economic war against another group of States,” he said. Earlier in Davos, the banker suggested that sanctions will remain in place for about two years. According to Kostin, the shares are under sanctions of the EU and US, Russian companies can go up by 50% after the lifting of restrictions.