The plan for the fourth time: why is created the Council for strategic development

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the plenary session of the forum announced the creation of the presidential Council for strategic development and priority projects. “The challenges facing us require new approaches to management development. Here we intend to use a design principle”, — the President explained the need to create a new body. He added that he will lead it, and by the Presidium of the Council will be chaired by the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

The Council will be engaged in key projects, aimed at structural changes in the economy and social sphere, improvement of growth,” Putin added. He did not specify who can join the new Council and how its work will be combined with the preparation of the so-called Strategy-2030.

Earlier, the Kremlin revived the presidential Economic Council, which undertook the development of a new model of economic development. At the same time the government is testing the new principles of public administration. For example, the project approach from 2017 plans to apply to the eight government programs the Ministry of economic development. They will be overseen by a “project office” be created within the Ministry, reported in may at the government’s meeting, Deputy economic development Minister Yevgeny Yelin.

Projects in lieu of assignments

Informed about the necessity of transition of system management, the project work with work exclusively on behalf of the President said the President of Sberbank German Gref and the number of government officials. At the end of April, Sberbank Corporate University even hosted a program on professional development of Deputy Ministers, training them in modern methods of management. One of the goals of this program was to prepare officials for the reform of public administration, which is discussed in the government, said that the program participant. Then, in April, the Board of Finance the head of Department Anton Siluanov declared that the execution of the state programs must be evaluated through the “project approach” with the “external audit” and added that the Ministry of Finance prepared the appropriate changes in order to operate state programs.”

A report on the ineffectiveness of public administration, German Gref presented to Vladimir Putin last year and proposed to create control centre reforms similar to Pemandu in Malaysia, which was formed in 2009 with the aim to overcome the lag in implementing the strategy for the years 1990-2030, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”. In Malaysia it allowed over five years to improve the management of budget to double budget revenues and increase GDP per capita by 37%.

In October 2015, it became known about creation of the group to work on the socio-economic Strategy 2030, which was designed to replace unrealized Strategy 2020. Last wrote thousands of experts under the leadership of the rector of the Ranepa Vladimir Mau and the rector of HSE Yaroslav Kuzminov. The program in the end and left the project she was taken 20-30%, it does not work, stated in April 2015, the former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin.

A working group for a new long-term strategy instructed to create Dmitry Medvedev in July 2015. In October about this work and his participation in it was announced by the Dean of the economic faculty of Moscow state University Alexander Auzan, the former Director of Gorky Park. Bitter, ex-head of the Moscow Department of culture Sergei Kapkov and the first rector of NES, Shlomo Weber.

In April 2016, it was announced that Alexey Kudrin became Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research. He headed the working group “Priorities for structural reforms and sustainable economic growth” in the framework of the presidential economic Council — a group engaged in the development of the program of economic reforms. June 16, in an interview, Kudrin said that upon completion of the program will be discussed with the “customer”, President Vladimir Putin, and the President determines that “will take its program — apparently, when he will run for the next term, if it happens.

For the future

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that the presidential Council for strategic plans and priority projects will work on the agenda of the next political cycle 2018-2024 years. “This agenda is, I suppose, the next political cycle and with a period after. Probably 2030-2035 years. We need to see what is the place of Russia in the new technological changes. It will have to make the Council”, — said Shuvalov.

The agenda for the next cycle, as suggested by the first Deputy Prime Minister, will be involved not only the government but also the state Duma deputies and Federation Council members.

The Council will work with design methods. The work on the may presidential decrees [Executive orders of may 7, 2012], according to Shuvalov, many questions get stuck. “We all agree that now is a consensus government and a consensus with the regional governors advanced: to change a situation, introducing the project method”, — said Shuvalov. The Council can concentrate on the most important indicators in ten areas: “the President called — education, health, housing, export promotion, small and medium business. These blocks will define 3-5 goals, which we need to make significant progress”.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, the Council’s work in these areas will be the main task of the government for the remainder of the work. “This will be the primary responsibility of the government for a period of almost two years of its work. There is much to be done,” — said Shuvalov. He recalled that in the last political cycle, when the President was Dmitry Medvedev, the government worked on national projects by the end of its working period.

The Council for strategic development, as suggested by Shuvalov, will determine “how to achieve a particular result”. A presidential economic Council, which established a working group under the leadership of Alexey Kudrin, will determine the course and General guidelines”. It is necessary to designate parts which will enable Russia to become a leader. “We have heard today is in the President’s speech, think so in the government”, — said Shuvalov.

But to determine the exact tasks of the Council are still. “Worth the wait the final decision of the President, the decree of the President of the Board signed”, — said Shuvalov.