Tkachev considered participation in the WTO are useless for the Russian agriculture

Tkachev considered participation in the WTO are useless for the Russian agriculture

Moscow. June 17. Russia’s participation in WTO, nothing is given to Russian agriculture, said the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev at the St. Petersburg international economic forum on Friday.

“Nothing is given, no benefits, only losses. Because of sanctions we have restored the status quo, the balance,” he said.

“We have learned to live without Europe in terms of food, we will learn to create their own processing capacity, its equipment, it is exactly, I know dozens of companies doing this development, as did China 20-30 years ago,” the Minister added.

According to him, the agricultural sector was against Russia’s accession to the WTO. Although participation in the organization may become profitable for Russia, with the active exports of agricultural products, said the head of the Ministry of agriculture, citing the experience of China.

“Who are actively engaged in the export for those it is beneficial, we have, unfortunately, at the time (the accession to the WTO) the share of exports has been minimal, we are considered as a market, not a market for investment,” – said Tkachev.

Russia became a WTO member on 22 August 2012.

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Tkachev told about a significant increase in the export of agricultural products from Russia. So another five years export volume was estimated at $5 billion, today it is $16-20 billion And in 20-30 years this figure may be $100 billion, the head of the Ministry of agriculture.

“The main focus is the export, export not only grain, but also meat. We understand that these (export) markets for years and decades closed to us in these markets – the Chinese, the Pacific region, the Persian Gulf, there are other countries – the EU, Canada, America, New Zealand, and Russia already there is no one waiting for,” he said.

The world’s population grows, so will increase consumption and food prices, said Tkachev. According to him, the fall in price of any products will not be.

Therefore, in the next 10-20 years should be actively engaged in breeding and genetics, technical re-equipment of the industry. Currently, the investment portfolio of APK is 1.5 trillion rubles.