A court in Germany rejected the appeal of Erdogan in battle with Axel Springer

In Germany, the court of appeal dismissed the appeal of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the decision of the lower court, which dismissed its claim to the head of the German publishing house Axel Springer Matthias of Deppner, reports Reuters.

In may, Erdogan appealed to the Land court of Cologne with the requirement to impose on the head of Axel Springer, a temporary ban that will not allow him to maintain the German comedian Jan Amerman. Berman is the author of the offensive verses about Erdogan.

The lawyer of the politician Ralph Hecker even if the lawsuit questioned the fact that the request of the Turkish side is satisfied. Then the lawyer said that in this case he will recommend erdo─čan to appeal this decision to the court of second instance.

The court of Cologne on the same day dismissed the suit. The basis for this decision, the court called the defendant’s right to freedom of expression”. Today appelyatsionny the court supported this position, citing the fact that the statements of Hecker are protected by laws about freedom of speech.

Dissatisfaction with Erdogan provoked the live entertainment Neo Magazin Royale at the end of March. Beerman, recited the poem “Abusive criticism”, dedicated to Erdogan, and advised that to participate in bestiality and view child pornography. The comedian also mentioned the channel NDR. In mid-March, he showed a two-minute satirical video about the President, from-for what the German Ambassador was summoned to the Turkish foreign Ministry.

The head of state was issued on Bomerman a complaint through a law firm. The head of Axel Springer wrote a letter in his defense, stating that the verses of the comic are the “work of art”.