Billion for members: there is not enough money for the new convocation of the state Duma

The budget did not meet

State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin and the managing Director of President Alexander Kolpakov in a joint statement asked Vladimir Putin to instruct the government to allocate additional budget funds to prepare for the change of the convocations of the state Duma. This was told by several interlocutors in the Commission on the admission of deputies of the seventh convocation, which includes representatives of the President administration, Manager of the state Duma and several deputies.

According to the interviewees, the appeal was sent in late March, the President had forwarded the paper to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, who in April wrote a reasoned refusal, citing significant budget deficit. At the recently held meeting of the members of the Commission with representatives of the Ministry of Finance, where he again discussed the issue of lack of funds to replace convocations of the state Duma.

The interlocutors spoke about the content of the talks between the leaders of the Duma, administration of the President and Ministry of Finance.

According to the calculations of the Manager contained in the appeal to the President, the Duma requires RUB 1.3 billion for “preparatory activities”: repair, re-equipment of offices, halls for official events and meetings, service apartments, catering facilities, preparation of car Park, as well as providing medical care for is not elected to the new Duma deputies. The office has proposed to allocate additional budget funds in the amount of 725,7 million rubles in 2016 and to reallocate the current budget Manager 394,4 million rubles on repair of establishments of public catering), and additionally in 2017 to allocate 192,4 million RUB. for purchase of cars.

An additional need in budget funds the Manager said in preparing the draft budget for 2016, but this request was not supported by the government, says the interlocutor of the Commission for reception of deputies. Naryshkin and caps appealed to the President in late March, offering to consider the additional needs of the state Duma in the adjustment budget for 2016, but this spring, changes to the budget were made.

The Manager is engaged in providing deputies with all necessary at the request of the rules Committee, which requests the necessary number of units, the number of necessary medical services, etc., a spokesman for the Agency, not becoming to go into details. The Ministry of Finance on the request is not answered.

Housing problems

According to last year’s law, which transfers the elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation from December to September, the deputies who will not be elected to the Duma of the seventh convocation, continue until December 4, all cash payments, the terms of medical support and use of office apartment in Moscow.

To ensure medical assistance of deputies in the period from 18 October (from the moment of addition of powers of deputies of the sixth convocation and the beginning of office of the new members) by December 4, you will need 14,2 million rubles., estimated by the Manager of the President.

The Ministry of Finance replied to this, that the Duma is considering a bill that provides an exception to the safeguards provided to the deputies of the sixth convocation, not elected in the new Duma, therefore, the decision on the allocation of additional funds to Finance these guarantees is premature. In the end, the bill was never adopted.

Also, according to the Ministry of Finance requested the cost of equipping conference rooms, halls of the state Duma, a large fireplace hall, including the replacement of the fireplace, are not a priority.

But the main dispute arose in connection with the housing question. The elected legislators that do not have living space in Moscow, according to the law obliged to provide an apartment within three months from the beginning of authority — not later than 18 January 2017, and the former MPs can occupy the apartment until 4 December this year.

As told by managing the Affairs of the state Duma Alexey Seregin, at this time, the rotation of deputies will be high enough, it is also connected with the change of the electoral legislation (with the advent of the Duma single-mandate). “We are waiting for from regions much larger number of people who will be in need of service flats,” explains the official.

According to the declarations of deputies 2015, service apartments live 246 deputies. They all indicated in the certificate of income and property the apartments, which rent for the term of their Deputy powers.

“If the apartments remain in good condition, then Manager of the President will be able to quickly fix them. And if everything should be changed to the base, then up to three months can take the repair”, — says Sergey.

“We hope that the deputies are sure that you will not get in the state Duma, will vacate the apartment early,” — said the Chairman of the Commission, the head of the Duma Committee on regulations Victor Pinsky.

“Now the administration figure out what to do if apartments is not enough. There is an interim solution: hire new members for rooms in hotels at the time that the service apartments will be occupied by deputies of last convocation,” according to a source in the Commission.

At the last shift of the convocations of deputies expected service apartments in Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya and “Marriott Grand Hotel on Tverskaya street, reports “Interfax”. According to Seregin, to keep the deputies in hotels is very expensive, so the Manager will try faster to prepare apartments for new members.

On June 21 the state Duma Committee on rules approved a new procedure of granting to the Deputy, which has no residential units, a separate hotel room to provide him office space. Under the changes, the hotel can only accommodate a candidate without family members.

Do we need the MP furniture

Manager in their initial calculations were requested 93,8 mln. for training and equipping of additional office apartments (furniture and appliances).

The Finance Ministry has proposed to the office of the President to consider the possibility of eliminating spending that is not established by the law on the status of Senator and Deputy. Under the current wording of the law, the apartment provided by MPs, is equipped with furniture and phone and requested the Manager the money for the equipment of apartments of deputies of the household technicians are not expensive obligation of Russia, noted in its April response, Siluanov.

Later, the Chairman of the constitutional Committee of the state Duma Vladimir Pligin introduced a bill that clarifies that the MP is “equipped with everything necessary for living official living quarters”. The law was passed on June 21.

According to the report card equipment office premises approved by the office of the President in may 2012, the deputies of the apartments are available from one to five rooms. Apartment parliamentarians settling down completely from the stand for hot, rubber floor mats bathroom, bed linen, bread bins, ashtrays to furniture, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner. Provided in the children’s column, a swivel chair. The kitchen needs to be set of wine glasses and glasses for six persons.

“Those who think that the Deputy of the apartment is a Paradise on earth, mistaken,” says one of the deputies. who lives in a service apartment. — All average, no renovation. The Windows are plastic, but put them at the end of the nineties. In the apartments is the Belarusian furniture is of low quality, its a change and buy more cabinets, shelves, etc. old Glassware. Until recently, the entrance doors to the apartments were made of wood, was just a thoroughfare. Only recently was replaced by iron, people with children live. And no there was no protection really, just recently there was a barrier. The complex has a hotel, anyone can check to do with the deputies that he wants to”.

According to the results of the latest meetings of the members of the Commission with the Ministry of Finance it became clear that the Ministry agrees that in order to fulfill the requirements of the law on the status of the Deputy of the necessary additional funds, said the source in the Commission. According to him, now we are talking about how to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance of the amount which will be reallocated from the approved in the current budget of the President administration, and in the fall, when it will be to change the budget, these funds the Ministry of Finance if necessary add.

As a result of negotiations with the Finance Ministry in June, the Manager has optimized all the costs, reducing the requested amount to 400-500 million rubles., said Seregin. According to him, these funds will be spent on repair and retrofitting service apartments, offices and repair of the common areas including conference room, repair of the power plant, the equipment which has become unsuitable five years ago.

Plus wages nesperennub

According to the calculations of authors of the law on the postponement of the Duma elections, the monthly maintenance of each unelected Deputy to the expiration of the initial term of office (until December) will cost the Federal budget more than 1,5 million rubles. If you can’t get re-elected none of the current parliamentarians, the General budget expenditures, the compensation will exceed 710 million rubles.

With the participation of Farida Rustamova and Elizabeth Surnacheva