Chinese hackers switched from USA to Russia

The activity of Chinese hackers against the United States over the past two years has decreased by 90%, reports Reuters with reference to the report of the private company FireEye Inc., dealing with issues of cybersecurity.

The most marked decline of hacker attacks were recorded after the US and China signed an agreement providing for the waiver of conducting cyber-espionage against each other, the Agency said.

A senior representative of the Obama administration told the news Agency that the US government is not yet ready to declare that China fully adheres to the agreement, but a new report will be taken note of. “We still continue to evaluate [China’s actions],” said the source to Reuters.

At the same time, FireEye and a number of other companies on cyber security has recorded an increase in economic cyber espionage by Chinese hackers against Russia, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea.

Company CrowdStrike, also specializing in cybersecurity, says that he observed the increasing activity of Chinese hackers outside the United States last year. According to the company, they were mostly Russian and Ukrainian military targets, the Indian political groups and the Mongolian mining industry.

The representative of the company “Kaspersky Lab Kurt Baumgartner confirmed to the Agency that “since the end of last year there has been a flurry of espionage activities against the Russian government institutions and technology firms, as well as against other purposes in India, Japan and South Korea.” According to him, the hackers “used tools and infrastructure that depend on Chinese characters”. “One such group, known as the Mirage or APT 15, it seems, stopped their attacks on the American energy sector and now focuses on government and diplomatic targets in Russia and former Soviet republics”, — quotes Agency of his word.