Council has compared the removal of Russian athletes from the Olympics.

On Tuesday the state Duma adopted a statement “On the situation related to the possible removal of the athletes of the Russian Federation from participation in the XXXI Olympic summer games in 2016”. At the meeting of the lower house he was introduced to the Olympic champion, the Deputy from “United Russia” Irina Rodnina.

“In fact, some sports bureaucrats spur of the moment introduces the principle of the presumption of guilt against the athletes of specific countries,” reads the statement. According to deputies, the principle was used during the Inquisition and totalitarian regimes and are outraged that uses sport as a tool of political struggle.”

“The suspension of Russian athletes, including who won international fame for her outstanding athletic achievements, from participation in the XXXI Olympic summer games in 2016 in retaliation for the behavior of their unscrupulous colleagues is a direct violation of human rights. Huge effort spent on a four-year program to participate in this celebration of sport, be meaningless, would deprive athletes of motivation to improve their performance, causing them irreparable moral trauma” — say MPs.

In conclusion, the parliamentarians point out that I hope that “reason will prevail over emotions and will be pleased objective decision.”

A statement will be sent to the President, the government and the Council of the Federation, follows from the draft resolution.

Last Friday, June 17, the Council of the International athletics Federation (IAAF) has upheld the disqualification of the all-Russian athletics Federation and did not allow the Russian team to participate in the Olympics. The solution prepared by the head of the inspection Commission of the IAAF rune Andersen recommended that the Council make the decision, it was accepted unanimously.

On the same day the decision of the IAAF commented on President Vladimir Putin, calling it unfair. He stated that the responsibility for doping should be personalized and will not apply to all members of the national team in athletics.

19 June, the German publication Spiegel reported that the summit of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne may be decided to dismiss all of the Russian team from participation in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.