Duma back benefits for tens of thousands of small businesses

Joint-stock companies along with would be able to claim the status of subjects of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), they will be included in the state register of SMEs and will give provisions to small businesses with incentives, and government support — amendment on Tuesday, June 21, approved by the state Duma. The initiative was prepared by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy Anatoly Aksakov. AO, claiming the status of SMEs will have to meet the criteria of sales (limit values determined by the government; from 1 August 2016 it is 120 million rubles for micro businesses, 800 million rubles for small and RUB 2 billion medium-sized enterprises and number of employees (up to 15 people for micro enterprises, 100 for small and 250 for medium-sized enterprises), said the interlocutor of the Committee on ekonompolitike.

Small and medium enterprises will not be able to be recognized by the AO in whose capital the Federal, regional and municipal authorities (as well as the public, religious organisations and foundations, in addition to investment) has more than 25%, of foreign and large Russian companies — more than 49%, follows from the text of the initiative.

In December 2015 Duma at the proposal of the government has deprived the JSC the right to claim the status of SMEs and, consequently, to benefits and other forms of state support, which relies small and medium enterprises. The Federal tax service (FNS) had no doubt that I will be able to identify AO as the SME, explained the reasons for that decision Aksakov at the plenary session of the Duma on Tuesday. In addition, it was not clear how to evaluate the composition of the JSC founders, explained at the same meeting, Deputy head of the Federal corporations SMEs Natalia Larionova. “The idea was: it is difficult to determine whether AO small, medium or large. The more that the founder stock may be a large structure, which will through this small business to do their business,” — said Aksakov.

In the Duma did not expect serious problems from the ban, because the majority of small and medium enterprises in Russia is created in the form of company, said earlier the deputies of the Committee on ekonompolitike. But created in the form of AO of small and medium-sized companies were many, said Aksakov. Only according to rough estimates the number of victims from the ban companies exceeds 70 thousand, they all at one point lost the rights to benefits and other forms of support from the state, said a source in the Committee on ekonompolitike. According to him, deputies received a lot of requests from businesses who wanted to return to AO right to claim the status of SME.

Return AO of such a right was supported by FNS, the government and State-legal Department of the President, said Aksakov on Tuesday. SME Corporation amendment Aksakov also supported by: assessment technology the founders of the JSC worked out and agreed with the FNS, said Larionov at session of Committee on ekonompolitike on June 20.

It is expected that AO will be eligible for inclusion in the unified register of SMEs from 1 July 2017 — additional time to prepare the required tax authorities, it follows from explanations Aksakov. They need to solve a large block of technical issues, said Larionov from corporations to SMEs.