For payments to creditors of Vneshprombank have been extra money

The Agency calculated the amount that can be paid to the clients of Vneshprombank bankrupt, to the creditors ‘ meeting, which was held on Friday, June 17. In April, the DIA reported that payments to creditors there are 4 billion rubles By may 1 cash balances on hand and on accounts of the Central Bank and ASV increased to 7.5 billion rubles., and in the receivership estates 6.1 billion RUB net of current spending, the Agency had accumulated 10 billion rubles for payments to creditors of Vneshprom.

As written , the register of creditors was closed on may 18, the aggregate amount of claims made 214,9 billion roubles (according to June 2). This is almost three times more than the initial volume requirements of the applicants. In early April, the DIA called the sum of the requirements of 81.1 billion rubles on may 1, lenders said the amount 176,7 billion.

The largest volume of requirements — total of 133.9 billion rubles showed the companies that belong to the third priority creditors. The Bank deposited the funds in almost 1 thousand companies. The first-priority creditors (depositors and the Deposit insurance Agency) presented the requirements of 81.1 billion rubles.

As told by one of the lenders only, lenders help ASV (administrator of the Bank) to track down the assets and the owners of the failed Bank. “Something already found, but there are assets that are pledged, must be tried,” he says.

According to the head of the corporate restructuring of the company “Sameta” Margarita, Sologubenko if ASV will find assets abroad, and they will be pledged, it may challenge these pledges through the international courts. “We see a positive example with the property owner of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev. If sold, the proceeds will go to the receivership estate and ultimately to creditors,” says Solohubenko. In may, the DIA has announced that it has secured the arrest of Pugachev’s assets, in particular yachts, a former Senator in the Cayman Islands and villas in France.

DIA is entitled to challenge the transaction in the Bank, the purpose of which was the withdrawal of assets in favor of some creditors to the detriment of others, adds Sologubenko. The Agency reported that DIA audits the operations of the Bank to identify transactions made to the detriment of Russia and its creditors.

As previously mentioned , the Tverskoy district court has arrested two homes the former President and co-owner of Russia Larisa Markus a total area of over 500 sq m and land plot of 30 acres in the village of Gorki-2. As reported in the lawsuit by one of creditors of Vneshprombank Panamanian offshore Panabroker, Marcus owns eight companies in new York owning real estate in this city. The plaintiff notes that the property was allegedly bought with the money derived from Russia. Half of the companies owned by Marcus laid it on loans 4, 2015 and 20 January 2016, it was stated in the claim of the creditor.

Forbes wrote about yachts, real estate and aircraft co-owner of Vneshprombank and brother Marcus George Begimova. Sources Forbes claim that to obtain this property to the creditors of the Bank would be difficult, boats, aircraft and property pledged for loans to European banks,” wrote the publication.