George Soros has noticed the transformation of Russia into a world power

American billionaire George Soros said he sees as Russia becomes a world power, while the European Union collapses. This opinion Soros was expressed on Monday at an event in London, organized by political movement “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Reuters reported.

According to Soros, likewise, flourished the EU, when he began to collapse the Soviet Union.

In February, Soros said that Russia could face bankruptcy in 2017, when there will come term of payment of a significant part of foreign loans. To avoid this, according to the billionaire, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin wants to push to the collapse of the European Union.

According to Soros, to help Putin to stay in power would collapse the European Union, the decay of which would free Russia from at least part of the imposed sanctions. “Moreover, Putin will be able to obtain significant economic benefits from the division of Europe and are carefully cultivate relationships with them anti-European parties,” said Soros in a column published by project

It is the desire to push the EU to collapse, according to the billionaire, due to Russia’s policy in Syria, military operations in which increase the flow of refugees to Europe.