In the “Soyuzmultfilm” explained Danone claims to rights characters

“Sojuzmultfilm” has already sent a claim by Danone over the use rights to the characters and send it repeatedly stated in the press release of the Ministry of culture with reference to the acting Director of the Studio of Gleb Davydov.

“In October 2015, we sent a claim to the company Danone over the use of rights to cartoon characters “Three from Buttermilk”, but the answer is still not received. We repeat the claim and hope for a peaceful, pre-trial resolution of this issue. Although, from our point of view, human rights are obvious,” — said Davydov.

He also said that the use of the rights to the characters “became possible due to long stretch of the unsettled situation with the rights between the Studio and the writers.” “We definitely take the position that rights belong to the Studio,” said acting Director of “Soyuzmultfilm”.

On Friday, June 17, Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky during the discussion on one of the sites of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) has promised Danone problems due to the use of the French company of the images of Soviet cartoons. “In due time “Soyuzmultfilm” transferred all its rights to the characters to different companies and receive royalties, not directly from users. For example, Danone. Hi I convey to her you will have problems. I promise. In the near future.”

These words are later explained by the representative of the Minister Elizaveta Anisimova. “The Minister said that Danone would be the problem if a legal conflict with the “Soyuzmultfilm” will not be solved in the pretrial order. Unfortunately, journalists have quoted only the most striking phrase of the Minister, remaining silent about his call for a peaceful resolution of the situation”, — said Anisimov.

In most Danone said that the rights to the Prostokvashino brand was officially purchased and decorated from the author of a book about the village of Prostokvashino Dyadya Fedor, the dog and the cat” by Eduard Uspensky.

Danone uses in the design of the packaging and in the advertising campaign of its products under the brand “Prostokvashino” heroes of the Soviet cartoon “Three from Buttermilk”. The cartoon’s loosely based on the works of Uspensky, “Uncle Fyodor, cat and dog”. As the Central character of the brand the company uses a cartoon image of a cat of Matroskin, which was created by the Illustrator Nicholas Erykalov.