Most popular the doctors were the most scarce

The most marketable medical profession — physicians, pediatricians, gynaecologists, dentists and ophthalmologists, found in the research service HeadHunter. The company analyzed 70 783 thousand jobs, posted in 2011, and 13 thousand 060 summary of the doctors in its database. The results of the study were presented today at the specialized exhibition “Profession — doctor” in Moscow.

Leading the demand for specialty — internists and pediatricians — are experiencing rather a shortage of specialists: one position is for 1.7 and 0.5 candidates, respectively. Also, a little summary of ophthalmologists (1.4 per vacancy) and otolaryngologists (0,8).

Indeed, this is a collection of the most sought-after experts, said the representative of press-service GK “Medsi”. Also there is a big shortage of otolaryngologists and gastroenterologists. Demand is growing largely due to the fact that the market of private medicine there is a whole segment of small clinics that only work on the most in-demand specializations, thus creating an increased demand on the labour market to these positions,” she says.

At the same HeadHunter found that only half of doctors (51%) posted a summary of the system in professional field “medicine”. Another 14% are young professionals who are just starting their careers, and 2% executives. 9% of applicants with medical background looking for work in sales, 4% — in the administrative field and fitness, even 2% — in personnel management, marketing.

Taking into account the reorganization in public health structures free many doctors, and they are actively seeking employment, says the managing partner of headhunting company AGENTSTVO Kontakt” Marina Tarnopol’skaya. While not all are suitable for commercial medicine, as it uses several other KPIs (performance indicators) and requirements for experts so that a certain percentage of health care workers looking for work in other sectors: pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, other government agencies, which are indirectly associated with a medical profile, he said.

“As far as I know, many doctors looking for a job as medical representatives of and generally considers the “farm” as a more interesting area,” says commercial Director of clinics “the Seagull” Vyacheslav Klyuchnikov. But it is not a characteristic situation for Russia: “half of the mathematicians looking for work not in the specialty of doctors is also a concern,” emphasizes the expert.

Quite a lot of activity is undertaken by pharmaceutical companies to attract young professionals last courses of medical institutions, and part of it goes into pharmaceuticals, agrees representative of the group. The network interacts with medical colleges and are faced with the fact that a large number of graduates do not go to work because of prospects of career and professional growth for nursing staff “still less.” Many go in the direction of cosmetology, work independently or in beauty salons, adds the company representative.

The competitive position — chief medical officer (one vacancy account for 12.5 summary), medical assistant (4,1 CV to vacancy), cardiologist (3,8). About three to summary has one the position of surgeon, gynecologist and dentist.

“We have dentists and gynecologists too much, we “ireprosabile,” — says the Director of the Institute of health Economics HSE Larisa Popovich. This is because the representatives of these professions earn more. For example, according to HeadHunter, in Moscow, the highest paid medical specialty is gynecology — an average salary offered in this field is 70 thousand RUB.

“The Russian Federation lacks the order of 300 thousand professionals in the public system, says the General situation Popovich. Just the doctors working for 2-2,5 bets and they cover those vacancies in order to get paid”.