On repair of apartments and offices of MPs took another 1 billion rubles.

As told by several interlocutors in the Commission for reception of the deputies of the seventh convocation from March to June between the Ministry of Finance, the Manager of the President and deputies were negotiating the allocation of additional spending on the provision of a DePuy corps housing, offices, food, etc. in connection with the postponement of the elections from December to September, resulting in new members from the regions and operating, but not elected in the new composition, whilst staying in Moscow until December. managed to read the contents of these negotiations.

In late March, state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin and the managing Director of President Alexander Kolpakov in a joint statement asked Vladimir Putin to instruct the government to allocate additional budget funds to prepare for the change of the convocations of the state Duma.

According to the calculations of the Manager contained in the appeal to the President, the Duma needs 1.3 billion for “preparatory activities”: repair, re-equipment of offices, halls for official events and meetings, service apartments, catering facilities, preparation of car Park, as well as providing medical care for members not elected to the new Duma, but preserves the social guarantees until Dec.

The office has proposed to allocate additional budget funds in the amount of 725,7 million rubles in 2016 and to reallocate the current budget Manager 394,4 million roubles on repair of establishments of public catering), and additionally in 2017 to allocate 192,4 million roubles on acquisition of cars.

Naryshkin and hubs offered to take into account additional needs of the state Duma in the adjustment budget for 2016, but this spring, changes to the budget were made.

Their appeal on behalf of the President was forwarded to the Ministry of Finance. In April, the Minister Anton Siluanov refused, citing significant budget deficit.

The Ministry of Finance noted, inter alia, that the Duma is considering a bill that provides an exception to the safeguards provided to the deputies of the sixth convocation, not elected in the new Duma, therefore, the decision on the allocation of additional funds to Finance these guarantees is premature. In the end, the bill was never adopted.

In addition, the Treasury proposed office of the President to consider the possibility of eliminating spending that is not established by the law on the status of Senator and Deputy. Under the current wording of the law, the apartment provided by MPs, is equipped with furniture and phone and requested the Manager the money for the equipment of apartments of deputies of the household technicians are not expensive obligation of Russia, Siluanov said.

However, the office of the President and the Duma insisted that additional spending was necessary.

As explained by managing the Affairs of the state Duma Alexey Seregin, at this time, the rotation of deputies will be high enough due to the fact that half the members will be elected in single-mandate constituencies. “If the apartments remain in good condition, then Manager of the President will be able to quickly fix them. And if everything should be changed to the base, then up to three months can take the repair”, — says Sergey.

Last week, a meeting of the members of the Commission with representatives of the Ministry of Finance, where he again discussed the issue of lack of funds to replace convocations of the state Duma.

As a result of negotiations with the Finance Ministry in June, the Manager has optimized all the costs, reducing the requested amount to 400-500 million rubles, said Seregin. According to him, these funds will be spent on repair and retrofitting service apartments, offices, conference room and plant nutrition.