Russia successfully tested missiles of a missile defense system

Joint combat crew of the polygon Sary-Shagan, troops and missile defense HQs and industry representatives successfully tested missiles near the Russian missile defense system. This was announced by the defense Ministry, “Interfax”.

The Ministry said that the launch was carried out to confirm the tactical and technical characteristics of the missile defense system. They are in service of the Russian space forces.

“In the course of the tests the antimissile missile defense system successfully completed the task and struck conditional goal at the set time,” said zamglavnogo videoconferencing Lieutenant-General Viktor gumenny, who was on the ground.

The defense Ministry said that the composition and combat characteristics of the Russian system PRO allow you to fend off the threat of the possible use of a nuclear missile strike, including “open” as its focus.

On 21 June the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in conversation with the heads of news agencies, said Moscow will have to respond to the development of US missile defense in Europe. The head of state recalled that in the early 2000-ies he warned that in response to placement of anti-missile Russia will respond by developing offensive weapons to balance.

Last week Russia began a sudden check Armed forces. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu explained that the test is required for the “assessment of combat and mobilization readiness. It was assumed that the main focus during the test will give the bases of storage of weapons and equipment, and certain military authorities.